love and bloood

I think you will like this. it's about so mant thing like a jelous........well, you have to take it to find out. I really put alot of time into this.

k so you are the one who likes storys right? well this is different then all thoughs stupid you get stuck with four dudes or more and fall in love. now way! this is so different

Created by: bla city

  1. You get into a fight with yourr friend and she smakes you in the head.
  2. You wake up and it's dark. you make your way around the room and trip on something and some how flip on the switch. You sit back on your bed quickly before anyone noticed. out of the corner of your eye, you see a blonde dude with blue eyes. he walks to you and sits on your bed. you hear a big bang on the level below you and he talks with a beautiful brith acsent."I thinks that's dainen.Daien! come here, there's someone here for you to meet." he yells. some guy with fire red hair and dark brown eyes bursts throught the doors. he smiles st you and says. "Where'd you get the hotty from?" you laugh. then you all start to talk.
  3. "shouldn't she see the others before she picks favorites?" dainen nodded his head and lauran slipped out the door. you and dainen were in the hall way alone and he picked you up and you slid down the railng to the ground.
  4. you get up and you see a very attracteive guy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. he looks REALLY pale and is staring in your eyes.
  5. you sit down and have to get right back up because daien caled you to see someone else. "this is kanan, he began."he's the other guy here and he's got a sister too. she's a brat. but we get along at times." kanan nodded and looked deep into your eyes. he was black haired and had silver eyes. then some other chick came into the room and snarled at you. she grabs dainen's sholders and rocks them back and forth. "are you crazy?! you know how bad this is right? we could all die! and who ever brought her here is dead. seriously." she turns to you."you need to go now, or we are going to die. and it's not becuse i'm jelous or anything. you are the danger here and I hope you understand that." she walks away and you look at them like she is crazy.
  6. "It's true, she's right. you being with us is like a time bome." everyone else nodded."listen,she's is telling the truth.she only wants to protct her brother. your like a posiness dug to us."says kanan. "But really addicting."says dainen. "and hard to stay away from. " assed lauran." you stod looking at your feet. "What am I?" you say. "you are not much, but a rare posin to the greybacks and the goldmined." says lauran. you stod more down almost all the way to your chest. you find your self running up th stairs and the others calling after you and coming after you. your on top of the house now ready to dive off the cliff into nothing. "You were ready to jump when kanan pulled you back and put his arms around you. you can't move. dainen puts something sharp into your arm and you pass out.
  7. o.k that's it! you can now leave and do other things now! please comment or rate either one is fine.
  8. who do you like so far?
  9. bye!
  10. later

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