Which Guy Will You End Up With?

Sorry about the results. I put Zack 3 times haha.DESCRIPTIONS: Connor-Hot!! Blue eyes, blonde side swept hair style, 6 pack, hes nice and very athletic. Josh- Hot!! Skater, skinny jeans/band shirts, brown side swept hair style, hazel eyes and hes very sweet and talented. Zack (Zach)-Hot!! Silly, loves to laugh, black hair, green/blueish eyes, Hes funny and romantic. A.K.A. BAD GUY

Uhmmm yup this quiz gets better as the parts go on. . .more parts=more intensity. Just watch. You'll see. Uhmmm Idk. There is a possibility that you'll end up with the guy you fell for. maybe not!

Created by: The Devil's Worst Nightmare
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  1. You wake up and roll out of bed just looking adorable and Zack walks in your room and is talking to you while you're fixing the cover on your bed. Zack: "Good morning Cutie! How are you?" You: "Oh I'm fine what about you?" Zack: "Oh I'm doing great now that you're up." He slowly backs you up against the wall. He gently presses his body up on yours and starts to kiss you. What are you thinking?
  2. Just when you kiss Zack, Connor walks in. You and Zack immediately stop. Connor's face turns red and he's very jealous. Connor:"Uhm breakfast is uhm ready." Connor storms out and Zack laughs and you all go downstairs to eat what do you do?
  3. Ok well everyone is at the table you..Josh..Zack and Connor. Connor's still mad...sitting staring at his plate and Josh is blowing you kisses and Zack playfully hits Josh and laughs. Everyone is done eating and you tell Connor you guys need to talk so you guys go in the living room. what do you say?
  4. Well when you tell him that he stopped being Jealous/mad. Connor:"Ok. but when I saw him kissing and touching on you that just hurt me because I like you alot." You both sit on the couch and he puts his hand on your leg and slides it up to your thigh and starts making out with you. Your hands are in his hair! What do you do next?
  5. Well before you could do anything else you hear a strange noise!!! What do you think it was?!
  6. You. Connor. And Josh run to where the crash (loud sound) happened. You guy see Zack standing beside a broken object on the floor. It was your new iphone!!! Zack:"I'm so sorry! I didnt see it!" You:"Aw man! Ughhh its ok" =/ Zack picks it up and puts it on the table. Zack:"I'll get you a new one, but I have a little something to make up for it." Zack grabs you like a princess and kisses you. Connor gets upset and goes over to you guys and what do you think he's going to do?
  7. Connor backs you gently off of Zack and Connor punches Zack in the Jaw and Zack pushes him and they start fighting!!! Josh stops it by standing in between them. You're thinking. . . .
  8. Well you see blood on Zack and Connor's face. You think you're going to be sick and you faint from seeing so much blood. 1HOUR AGO. . . .Somehow you wake up in your bed and see Josh's cute smile as he's sitting right beside you. He kisses your cheek. You say:. . . .?
  9. Josh:"Uhm I have to leave in a few, Going to go skating with friends. But uhm I really wanted to tell you this for a while now. . .you're really pretty." You:"Thanx" He leans down and kisses you while taking his shirt off. He gets on top of you. . .What do you do?
  10. Sorry about the cliffhanger. . .Part 2 gets even deeper!! =P So which guy will you end up with?

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