The life between magic & boys Pt. 30

Welcome to Part 30, this is the end of the series. I decided I'm starting another one the title is in the results. It sort of like part two of this series. But thank you for taking the series. Btw what was your favorite memory with one or more of the guys?

Descriptions: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. Re-cap: You learn a little about your "Past life" and how fallen angels can do things when their mad. Erika comes back with some guys and one hits you in the leg with and arrow. Patch destroys them and fly's you back to the house. You wake up the next morning with your leg wrapped, and then Ezra tells you to look out the window. Erika is back once again, but with thousands.
  2. Ezra barged through the door. "Look out the window." Her face was drained of all color and she look terrified. Since you couldn't really walk Patch stood up and opened the giant curtain. "Oh my god..." You said. Patch's eyes drained out and filled will pure solid black. Erika was back, with thousands of more men. You jump up a little but a sharp pain shot through your leg. You groan in pain. Max and Calisto barge through the door. "You've got to get out of here." Max comes next to you. "As much as I'd like to, I can't" You refer to your leg. "I've got it." Patch comes up and lifts you off the bed. His touch overwhelms you. "Down stairs fast." Calisto and Max open the door for Patch, and he rushes downstairs
  3. Patch sets you down on the couch. Josh and Alex are watching out the window. "We've got to get _____ out of here." Josh says pacing back and forth. "Can anyone get a hold of Xavier?" Alex looks around. "Where's Ezra?" She comes out from behind Calisto. "I'm calling him now." She puts the phone next to her ear and walks into the kitchen. "We still have time to maybe escape. They're still on the shoreline, that's about 10 minutes to walk." "Ezra's car is in the back. You guys can take that and I'll fly." Patch said in a low voice. "Fly?" Alex repeated. Ezra came back. "He's coming with the plane." She said quickly. "You know how to fly a plane?" Max asked. "Not exactly." Patch said under his breath.
  4. Someone knocked on the door. The guys all jumped back. Alex slowly walked to the door. "Check who it is first." Tyler said, and Calisto peered cautiously through the window. "Who is it?" Max asked. "Erika." Calisto held his breath. "Pick me up." You said to Patch. "What?" He stared at you. "Bring me to the door. I want to talk to her." You said. "That's not a good idea." Patch said. "yeah I don't think so angel." Alex backed away from the door. "Fine. I'll do it myself." You slowly began to rise. "Alright, alright." Patch came and lifted you off the couch. He slowly balanced you in front of the door. "I've got it." You shifted your weight to your one leg that wasn't injured and opened to door. "How classy. You actually managed to knock instead of clawing down the door like a wild animal." You gave her a sarcastic smile. "I see your already warming up to me." She smirked and looked down at your leg. "Aww, hope you feel better." She let out a cold laugh and you glared at her. "What do you want?" You snapped. "Why you of course. Your the key to my power." She sneered. You had forgotten she didn't have any powers either. It made you feel a little safer since she was the only one at your door. She didn't have any weapons, or any guys with her. It made you feel a little suspicious.
  5. 'It's a trap' a voice said. You looked around. The guys were staring at you, ready to attack Erika is she did anything. 'Shes trying to distract us so they can ambush us.' you realized it was Patch speaking to you in your head. It made some sense. Erika coming to you herself so her men would have time to come and tear down the house. 'Keep her distracted' He said. You tried to plan something quickly. "Let's say I agree to go with you. What would happen?" You questioned. "___ What are you doing?!" Josh yelled. "Be quiet." You walked out a couple of steps and shut the door. She gave you an amused smile. "Your just something I need in order to get my powers. I hand you off to the Nephilim Society and boom, I get my powers." She said. "Well that's not very convincing." You gave her a frown. She hesitated. "Why are you asking this?" She was becoming suspicious.
  6. You thought of something quickly. "Honestly, I've been with these guys way to long. and Jake? I get why I left him in this "past life" of mine. He's sort of clingy. and Patch? Ugh he won't ever leave me alone. He's such a creep." You groaned. She looked taken by surprise and let out a small interested smile. "Welcome to the dark side." She smirked. "Not so fast." You cut in. "I want information first." You said. She nodded in agreement. The guys opened the door. "____ get back in here!" Alex came running out but two guys in black came running out of nowhere and pushed him back into the house. His eyes were flashing red. You jumped a little but to kept up the act you laughed. "Damn boys." You turned back to her. She laughed. "What to you want to know?" She asked. "What will happen to me after you give me to the Nephilim Society?" She shrugged. "They just don't want that Patch guy with you. Don't know why. I'm just doing what I need to do in order to get what I what." She crossed her arms. "I understand." You stare at her. Thoughts came rushing through your head. You remembered Jake telling you that she's the incubus. Power? she's lying. She's using the Nephilim Society as a lie. Your heart started racing, but you put on as much confidence as you could. "Hmm, so if I go with you. The Nephilim Society will keep Patch away from me?" She gave a small smile. "Of course." "Well that sounds good enough for me." You smiled. She gave a victory laugh. "I was kind of hoping I could start a fight. Well at least I get what I came for Let g-" Erika dropped to the floor. You gasped and jumped back. There was a small green arrow sticking out her back. You looked up and saw Xavier in the plane. Patch holding onto the door. The two black figures from before came out and grabbed you by the arms. You forgot about them. You tried to escape but ended up putting pressure on your leg and the pain overwhelmed your leg. Both men fell on the floor. You sat down quickly and bit your lip to keep you from screaming.
  7. Xavier hovered the plane in the air, since there was no place to land. A large shadow jumped off the plane and landed in front of you. Patch flew down. "Wait here." He said and walked into the house. You sat on the steps, and shortly after the guys came out carrying a couple of suitcases. "Sorry guys!" You yelled above the plane's engine. "Its okay, patch told us." Xavier dropped a ladder. Patch walked back out and unraveled his wings. Alex and Max's eyes bugged out. "Dude.. You have wings?" Tyler asked. Patch let out a small laugh and jumped up flying into the air. Josh let out his wings too. They were so white it almost hurt to look at them. It would of burned any other normal person's eyes. "Its about time." Alex laughed and touched his wings. "C'mon." He picked you up and jumped off the ground. The rush of air overwhelmed you and you held onto your breath. Josh set you down on the metal platform and you sat down next to Ezra. It took a few seconds to shake of the dizziness. "What's happening now?" You ask. "We're leaving." Xavier said, His accent stronger. "To where?" You asked. "The boys'll tell ya." He faced forward again. You saw Alex climb in, followed by Max and then Tyler and Calisto. Patch flew up and stepped onto the platform. You were all on the plane now.
  8. Xavier began slowly flying the plane forward. "What's going to happen now?" You asked. Patch leaned forward and touched your leg. It still hurt. Tyler helped Patch by unraveling the linen wrapped around your leg. "Your going home." Josh said. "Home?" You repeated a little confused. "As in where my parents live?" "Yup." You stared at them, waiting to say they were joking or something. You realized they weren't. "Are you serious? Your taking me back home?" You shook your head. "No. I'm not going." "It's for your own good." Alex said. "For my own good?" You scoffed. "It would be better, and a lot safer if I stayed with you guys." "I don't think so angel. Erika is going to think your with us and come looking for you." You heart jolted. "What do you mean shes going to come looking for me. Shes dead. right?" You wished with every little thing that she would be long gone. So you wouldn't have to worry about her. "No. She got hit by a tranquilizer." Patch said. Your throat was swelling up.
  9. "If I'm going home, then where are you guys going?" You asked holding back tears. "I've got a mission for the boys. They've proved to be helpful." Xavier said. So patch was going too. Great. "How long is this going to last?" You asked. "I'm not sure angel." Alex said looking down at his hands. You looked at each and everyone of them. They were leaving? and for who knows how long. Your eyes were tearing up so you looked down at the ground. "You guys kidnapped me, almost two month ago. My life was normal. I was normal." a tear glided down your cheek. "I got to know you guys. You were all amazing. I got use to you. I found a place where I belong. A place where I was actually happy. and now you expect me to go home and act like none of this ever happened?" You wiped your eyes. You felt more angry then sad. "Don't cry angel." Alex grabbed your hand but you pulled away, Not cry? How could you not cry. You adjusted your life to them. You had to live away from your family for them. and now you don't even know where they going, or for how long. "You guys mean the world to me.." You whispered. You heard something sniff. You looked up. Alex's eyes were watering. "Are you crying?" You laughed holding back tears. "Its going to be hell doing this mission with out you." Alex laughed. Your heart was filled with love. It was for these guys, who changed your life. Your head was being flooded with memories, that these guys created for you. "Aw come on now your making cry." Max laughed. Alex came and sat down next to you. "We're not leaving you. That's the last thing we'd ever do." Josh said and sat in front of you. "I promise you. The first thing I'm going to do once this mission is over, is go and see you." Tyler said. "Me too." The rest of the guys joined in. You couldn't hold it in any longer. You wanted to cry. You were leaving the guys. It hurt you.
  10. Alex put his arm around you. "Don't cry angel." He whispered and hugged you tightly. Alex hugging you made you cry even harder. You felt even worse then you did when you left the ship. Your heart wasn't being broken this time, it was being hurt because you were saying goodbye to the people you care about. "Xavier does this thing have a radio?" Calisto asked. "Mhmmr." Xavier flipped a switch and music began to play. "I like this song. Definitely fits the mood, but its sad." Alex laughed. I hate this part by The Pussycat Dolls was playing. You wiped your eyes and looked up. Josh's eyes were red too. "No way.." You said sniffing back tears. You guys are crying too." You laughed. "Well you crying sort of makes me cry." Calisto says laughing. The only ones that weren't crying were Patch and Ezra. They were silenty watching from the back. "Okay this is so cute, but its sad. "Ezra spoke up. You smiled at her. "Whats going to happen to us?" You asked frowning again. Another person you care about. You warmed up to Ezra and now your leaving her too. She shoved her way through and sat next to you. "I actually liked you as a friend." Her eyes began to water. You remembered how Cory had told you that Ezra doesn't really make friends because she doesn't like most of them. She hugged you. "Ugh! Why do you have to leave!" She said through tears. "Your not saying goodbye to us. We're saying goodbye to you." You hugged her back closing your eyes to fight back tears. "Alright lads. I can't take anymore of this." Xavier said. "I've decided ____ can stay with Ezra." He said. Ezra squealed with joy. Your stomach untwisted itself. At least you got to stay with your best friend.
  11. "Thank you dad!" Ezra jumped in the seat next to Xavier and hugged him. You still couldn't shake off the sad feeling though. It wouldn't be the same with out the guys waking you up every morning. This time is was real. You were sad on the ship, but this right here, right now, was the worst feeling ever. It was ending, and this time it was real. No more Alex kissing you in your sleep, or being a flirty perv. No more Josh hugging you all the time or chasing you around. No more Max being cute and funny by doing little thing to make you laugh. No more Calisto playing with your hair or making you smile. No more playing cute games with Tyler. That would have to wait until they finished the mission. And Patch. He doesn't live with you but he did surprise you the most. His arrogant charm and mysterious act. You wouldn't see it for awhile. You forgot about Jake. Your heart jolted. You had left with out even saying good bye. It couldn't be though. Ezra couldn't leave Cory like that, she couldn't live with herself. "We're almost there Lads." Xavier said. "What? How? There's no way we traveled that fast." You looked at the guys. They looked confused as well. "The plane was built to travel fast. It was built on magic." Xavier explained. "How does it work if our powers are shut down?" Tyler asked. "Immortal powers are shut down. Not on machines. Once the magic is built on an item it can't be shut down. Only on a person." Xavier said. No one said anything back.
  12. Dreaming By One Direction was now playing. "We shouldn't be so sad. We should enjoy our time together. Whatever that's left." Max said. "I agree. Besides we'll see each other again." Calisto said. You nodded and sat straight. It was true. Why waste your last moments together being sad and depressed. Life is to short for that. "Max has a point. I'm going to see you again." You smiled at them. "Remember the time Alex was dancing on the counter and then I pushed him off?" Josh said and you guys laughed. "Yeah, he fell on the ground and laid there for like an hour." You laughed. "That wasn't funny. That hurt!" Alex said. "I remember you would sneak into my room at night and sleep in there." You elbowed Alex. "It's not my fault Josh snores like a suffocating hippo." Alex laughed and Josh glared at him. "I don't snore." You all laughed. "You snore so loud!" Calisto said. Josh laughed it off. "We could name so many memories right now it would last a lifetime." Alex said. "Well this is just the beginning. We're going to make a million more." Josh said looking at everyone of you. It was true you could go on and on all day long naming memories. But Josh had a point it was just the beginning. Right now all you had together were distinct memories, and more to come.
  13. Well guys, that was the end of The Life Between Magic and Boys. Don't worry, some of the guys are coming back in my next series. Who was your favorite guys?
  14. Some of the guys are coming back in my next series. Who was your favorite guy? (Cont.)

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