The life between magic & boys Pt. 2

Sorry it took me so long to make the second quiz! I'm just so busy with school and homework -______- if you have any ideas or want me to make more, pleaseee comment! Theres also a new character so check it out, but hes not a result until the next quiz.

Characters: Alex: Funny and atheletic. Shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: Strong and nice. Shaggy black hair and green eyes. Max: charming and sweet. Shaggy light brown hair and light blue eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. So in the first quiz we left off where you were changing to get ready for training w/ the boys.
  2. OK so your all ready to start training when Max knocks on the door. "You ready?" "Yeah i'll be down in a minute." you fix your hair (in w/e style you want) and go downstairs. You realize that you've never seen the outside of the house. "Max where are you?" "Out here!" You follow his voice and finally find the front door. You walk outside. "Woah!" This place is AMAZING!" Your in awe. "Yeah we thought it would be the safest place away from Erika." Max laughs. The outside looks like Pandora in Avatar (not the cartoon) but theres a cliff about 50 Ft. away from the front of the house, where a waterfall starts and falls. You see the whole jungle valley below you. Its the most beautifulest thing you've ever seen. "We'll lets not waste our time we have to go in the back yard." Max starts walking on a path that leads to the back yard, well more like back jungle. A pretty, safe jungle.
  3. When you guys get to the back yard Max finish's setting up. "OK so im going to teach you how to read minds. You ready?" "Hell yeah!" You grin at him. "Alright haha so first thing you need to do is clear your mind from all thought." "OK" You say closing you eyes. "So just concentrate on me,in your head." You squint but nothing happens. Probably because you were distracted by the tiger you saw. "Sorry i wasnt concentrating i'll try again." This time you concentrate 100% on Max. 'She's so beautiful' You hear a voice in your head. You smile "You really think im beautiful" Max blushes a shade of red. "Yeah" You think its cute and smile at him. "Hey pretty lady!" You see Alex walk out. "Time to turn invisible."
  4. "Well i'll see ya later." Max smiles at you and walks towards the house. "Lets get started!" Alex smiles at you. "Alrighty" You smile back. "First thing you want to do, is think crystal clear. Its all about concentration." You close your eyes. "Is that it?" "Nope, you have to imagine your self being made of glass, or just being crystal clear." He says. You imagined floating on the ocean paradise, and then you just blended in. "Woah! you did it!" Alex smiles "Now where are you?" He laughs. You decide to be funny so you go behind Alex and jump on him back. "Oh so were being funny now?" Hes laughing. He takes you off his back and lays you on the grass. Your not invisible any more. Next thing you know your laying on your back and Alex in is front of you, holding you. Your both staring into each others eyes. You didn't realize how amazing his eyes are, There sparkling blue. Like the sun shining on the ocean. Alex leans in and kisses you. When your lips touched you you felt all tingly inside, his lips were soft and sweet, and him holding you made it feel just right.
  5. He pulls away. You both smile and stand up. "Well i got to go now its josh's turn." He kissed you on the check and walked away. A minuted later Josh walks out. "Hey beautiful." He smiles a you. "Hi." You blush. "You ready to learn self defense?" He asks. "Uh- Sort of." You laugh. "What do we do?" "Were just going to start of by pretending that were a normal fight. Ninja style." You both laugh. "Alright." You both get into fighting positions. You go in and punch him, but hes grabs your arm and flips you. "OW!" You yell. "Rule #1. Never make the first move." Josh helps you up. "Lets try again." You get back into fighting position. He swings a punch. You duck and trip him. "Haha!" You turn around to go get back into fighting position but Josh pulls you down to the ground. "Rule #2. Never turn your back against your opponent. "Of course." you laugh "Its ok." He laughs. "Again." You both are in fighting positions. He swings at you but you dodge it and try to hit him, but he dodges it too. You guys go back and forth for a couple of minutes when suddenly you two are face to face. Inches away from each other. Your staring into each others eyes. For a second you almost got lost staring into his gorgeous icy blue eyes. You had an idea. You kissed him. His fist that was in the air slowly went down to around your waist. You push him off, throw him on the ground, and get on top of him. "New rule. Never let your opponent distract you." You laugh and wink at him. "I win." You grin at him. "With that kiss you just gave me. I think we both won." He winks at you and you help him get up. "We'll thats the training for today." You both walk to the house together. He opens the door for you. "By the way i liked that kiss. It feels like you were coming on to me." He smirks. "It was part of my plan, dont get to excited." You smile, role your eyes and walk into the house. Josh comes in behind you. He walks you up to your room. "Like a plan to kiss me?" He grins at you. "You better wipe that smile of your face." You laugh. Then you walk to your bedroon and open your door. Right before you can walk in josh says "Hey ____." You turn around. "Yeah?" Josh leans in and kisses you. You felt butterflies explode in your stomach. His lips were super soft, and the kiss was passionate. You both pull away. "Nothing. I just wanted an excuse to kiss you again." He smiles at you and walks away. You shut your door. your super tired from training so you decide to take a shower. You changed, brushed your teeth, and fall asleep.
  6. The next morning you wake up and hear your stomach growl so you decide to head downstairs and get something to eat. When you walk into the kitchen the guys stop what there doing and stare at you. "What?" You ask. Then they all burst out into laughter. "Whats so funny?" You ask. "_____... You have marker all over your face." Max says laughing. "WHAT?!" you run to the nearest mirror and see that your face is covered in purple and green marker. "Who did this?!" You scream. "Not me!" The boys yell and stop laughing. "Seriously! This isnt funny! Who did this?!" You say still yelling. "Calisto!" Alex yells. "Oh yeah! I forgot about him!" Max says. "Yeah wheres he been?" Josh asks. "Who's Calisto?" You ask. "Calisto is this fairy that lives in our walls." Alex tells you. "What the hell kind of excuse is that?" You roll your eyes, Then you hear the guys yell "Calisto." You see them staring behind you so you turn around. You see a small figure floating in front of you. Its a boy your age. He has shaggy brown hair and GORGEOUS blue eyes. "Uh-Uhm.." Your a little confused. "Calisto where have you been all this time?!" Josh asked. "Yeah you've been gone forever!" Alex came up next to you. You see Calisto float by Josh's ear. "Yeah i know, we all think that." Josh smiles at you. "What?" you ask. "Calisto thinks your pretty." You blush. "Yeah shes a babe huh." Alex winks and puts his arm around you. You playfully elbow him. "Wait.Then why did you draw all over my face?" You frown. "Easy. Alex and Calisto use to always prank each other and he thought you were Alex cuz that use to be his room." Max explains. "Oh.." You stand there. "Wait..What do you have to show us?" Josh says. You all stand there. Out of no where you see Calisto grow into a regular human form. Except hes about 5 inches taller then you. "Woah! Dude! Your back to normal again!" Max yells. "Again?" You ask. "Yeah i got turned into a stupid fairy by the b-tch Erika." He turns and stares at you. His eyes are AMAZING. There like a glimmery pool of blue. "I've been waiting for this moment forever." Josh says, then he tackles Calisto to the floor. "Oh my gosh! what are you doing?!" You freak out. "Relax. They wrestle each other back and forth. Calisto taught Josh a few years ago." Alex says. "Oh.." Thats kinds of hot you think to yourself. While Josh and Calisto are wrestleing you decide to go upstairs.
  7. When you get upstairs you dont feel hungry anymore, so you take a shower and decide to change. What do you wear?
  8. You go back downstairs. "Hey ____." You turn around and see Calisto. "Hey" You smile at him. "So uh i know you dont know me very well but i was wondering if you want to hang out later or something?" He rubs the back of his head nervously. You smile thinking its cute that hes nervous. "Sure what time?" You ask. "Is 6 okay?" He asks. You look at your phone to check the time. Its 1:05,"Yeah sure i'll meet you in the kitchen." You smile and walk away.
  9. You have no idea what to do for the next few hours so you decide to go outside. You walk out and see the amazing view. 'This place is amazing' you think to yourself. You go sit on the marble bench right in front of the waterfall. Its gorgeous. Max is realy adorable. Alex makes me super happy. Josh makes me feel protected. Calisto.. i barely know him.. but theres something about him. There's a million thought running through your head. After awhile you fall asleep.
  10. Sorry, that's the end of quiz 2! If you have any ideas or want me to make more comment pleassee! (:

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