The life between magic & boys Pt. 19

**READ** Well guys this quiz isn't as long but it's all the time I have left this week, since I'm going to be busy. But anyways I'm curious. Comment who your favorite guy is and why. or if you don't have ONE certain guy comment who your favorite guys are, and why.

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-Cap: You spent the day w/ Jake, and on your way back you ran into Patch, who happened to know everything. He warns you about him but you shrug it off. When you came back the guys told you, you finally get to go to Australia.
  2. "No way!" You jump up excited. "I'm SOOOOO excited!" You continue to jump around. "We can see that." Calisto laughs. "So when do we get to go?" You ask. "In another week." Max tells you. "Sweet." You say puling up your shorts, which were a little big on you. "crap.." You say under your breath. Your forgot your wearing Jake's clothes. 'They haven't notices yet? I mean I just walked through the door with clothes that is obviously not mine..' You hope they don't notice. It was dark it the room so maybe they couldn't tell? Well I've had one interesting day. So I'm going to go to sleep now. Good night guys." They all say good night, except for Alex who asks if he can sleep in your bedroom You laugh and walk back to your room. You change clothes quickly before the guys walk in or something. They don't really don't seem to understand what 'I'm going to sleep' means. You changed and slipped into your bed. Your mind was replaying the night over. How Jake showed you a new side to him. How he kissed you, and happened to be an amazing kisser. How you saw Patch, who your strangely attracted, and how he knew about your night with Jake. You shrugged it off and doze off into a deep sleep.
  3. You woke up the next morning on your own. It was 12 in the afternoon. "Wow I sleep a really long time." You say stretching out of your bed. Your surprised Alex didn't come in trying to kiss you in your sleep, or that Josh didn't try his usual 'wake you up by jumping on your bed' move. You ran your fingers through your hair, hoping you didn't have bedhead. Your stomach growled softly, and it was your cue to go to the kitchen. You had a craving for pancakes. So you got up and walked into the kitchen. You searched through the cabinets looking for the batter. "Got it!" It was on the top shelf so you bad to pull over a chair for a boost. You grabbed it and started to cook. A half an hour flew by and you finished cooking, so you began to eat. A half an hour of nothing, no noise, not talking. It was strange... the guys were always loud, even in their sleep. "Guys?" You called for them. No reply. "Anybody up?" You walked around to each of there rooms. No one was here. "What the hell?" You walk back into the kitchen. You walk around looking for any note, or something they left behind. You found a napkin tapped to the fridge. You tried to read the note: 'We left to go catch some food at the dining hall. Didn't want to wake you up in your sleep, angel. and by the way. Can you throw my sleeping bag on my bed it's on the other side of your bed.' Sleeping bad in my room? What sleeping bag? You walk into your room to see what he's talking about. Nothing. You walk over to the other side of your bed, which isn't visible from the door. You see Alex's black sleeping bag stretches out on the floor. "That little crapper slept in my room?" You laugh, and go finish your food.
  4. You finish your food and walk back into the living room. You sat down on one of the couches and sat there and watched TV for what felt like hours, but ended up being only thirty minutes. You remembered about Jake's clothes and how you said you'd drop them off today. 'Could I go drop them off right now? or does it seem to early.. Would I look desperate? No because I'm just returning his clothes, and picking up mine. Wow that sounds bad..' You over think things argue with yourself until finally deciding to go to his room now. You went back to your room and changed clothes. You threw on another pair of shorts, and a pink long sleeve. You were about to walk out your bedroom when your remembered Jake hates the color pink... You ran back to your closet and switched it with a light blue long sleeve. "Okay, I'm good to go." You walk out your bedroom and slid through the door, walking into the hallway.
  5. You finish your food and walked back into the living room. You sat down on one of the couches and sat there and watched TV for what felt like hours, but ended up being only thirty minutes. You remembered about Jake's clothes and how you said you'd drop them off today. 'Could I go drop them off right now? or does it seem to early.. Would I look desperate? No because I'm just returning his clothes and picking up mine. Wow that sounds wrong...' You over think things and argue with yourself until finally decide to go to his room later. You figured since the guys were out they like to goof around in the hallways and would see you. You went back to your room and changed clothes. You threw on another pair of shorts, and a pink long sleeve. "ANGEEELLLLL!" You heard Alex call from outside your door. "WHAAATTTT?" You yell back. "Just checking you didn't ditch us like last night!" He replies. Your stomach turned into a knot. So they did know about last night? Why didn't they say anything? They never, ever, let me leave and get away with it. You open the door and walk out. "So you did notice I left?" You ask shutting the door behind you. "Seriously? You should of known I mean we don't go five minutes with out talking to you." Josh says laughing. "True.." You say feeling a little dumb. "We were freaking out at first but Patch stopped by and we told him." Alex says. "Yeah he was acting weird, I don't know why, but he told us not to freak because he saw you down at the shops." Max finished. Patch covered for you? Why?
  6. "Yeah I just got bored and wanted to go walking. Sorry I took so long, but you know girls and there shopping." You lie. The guys just laugh. "Where's Tyler?" You ask trying to change the subject. Plus you were curious since him and the guys were like best friends now and he was always with them, not considering the part where him and Calisto are cousins. "He's helping Cedric clean the decks." Max says. You remembered that we aren't aloud on the deck because Erika might 'find' us. "Guys come on let's go help him out. He's always helped us. and forget about Erika, she won't be finding us anytime soon." You say standing in front of the TV so they would pay attention. "Yeah and what about Jake?" Alex asks. Your body tensed up at the sound of Jake. "I have a feeling he won't be a problem.." You say and continue, "lets just go help him out." You say and turn of the TV. "Fine, let's get this over with." Josh says and stands up. You go and walk to the door, the guys follow and you walk out.
  7. You walk around asking the staff where Tyler would be and they lead you to a deck. You walk out on there and see Tyler. "TYLER!" You yell. He turns around and smiles when he sees its you. You run up and give him a hug, he picks you up in his arms and spins you in a circle. You laugh and he sets you down. "What are you guys doing here?" He asks a little surprised. "Well I thought these dorks needed a day off of COD so I got them to agree to help you out." You smile telling him the news. "Awesome, thanks. Hey guys." He says as they approach. You take in your surroundings, ans the guys greet. You see a few other guys helping out. One of them, who was facing away, had familiar black hair. He had a blue basketball shirt on. His muscles flexed as he lifted heavy equipment across the deck. He turned out. It was Patch.
  8. What the hell is patch doing here? Patch doesn't really seem like the guy to be cleaning. You took a double take. Yup, it was Patch. He didn't see you.. well yet. You turned back to the guys who were messing around playing swords with two metal rods. "Guys, c'mon you don't want to waste your COD time cleaning this place all day do you?" As soon as you mentioned COD they dropped the rods and started cleaning. "Hey, isn't that Patch over there?" Josh asks Max. "Yeah it is. HEY PA-!" You elbow Max in the rib. "Ow! What was that for?" "Sorry, reflex." You walk over and pick up the last of the rods. "Okay ladies. All we have to do is wash these floors!" You old man yells. "Hahaha he called you guys ladies." You laugh at the guys who just stick there tongues out at you. "Well? Come grab these damn buckets! We don't got all day!" The man yells. All the guys flinch at his voice. You walk over first. "Well what is a pretty lady like you doing a man's job for?" He asks you. "I'm doing this because those guys aren't man enough." You point over at the guys and the man laughs. He was a nice old man. "We need more ladies like you. Beautiful, independent and full of strength. You sort of remind me of my grand daughter." He compliments you. You were about to thank him but you got cut off. "I can agree with her being beautiful." You hear a voice say and look over. Patch was standing there smiling at you. "Young man, no one asked your damn mind, get back to work!" He yelled pointing his long boney finger at Patch. You cover up a laugh by coughing. He looked at the man and then to you. He grinned at you before leaving.
  9. You grab the bucket full of water and find a spot to start mopping. You8 drop the mop in the bucket and then pull it out. You started wipeing the mop around on the floor, cleaning it so well that you literally saw your reflection in it. You looked over at the guys who looked bored out of there minds. It was really hot out, so every once in a while you had to stop to wipe the sweat of your hands. "Ah it's so hot out." You stuck the mop in the bucket and decided to go take a break, over by the ledge of the boat. You only took a couple of steps, and on your next stepped you slipped on some of the water. It seemed as if you were going in slow motion, you were falling backwards, and your arms were flailing in the air. Your back was only inches from hitting the ground when you feel a strong arm catch your back, and pull you up. You stood up your eyes closed a little dizzy from what happened. You tried to steady your breathing and heart beat. You opened your eyes. "You okay?" Patch asked. "Yeah.. Uh.. thanks.." You say stepping back. "I think you were falling for me." Patch says winking. "I don't your dreaming." You reply and walk away, super cautiously this time. You walked back over to the guys, who were done. "Hey ___" Max says. "Hey guys, your already done?" You ask a little surprised. "Yup, who know what that means." Alex says grinning. "Yeah whatever you can go play your COD now." You laugh. "No, not that. This." Alex grabs a bucket and so do the other guys. "Woah, woah, woah, Guys. Can't we talk about this?" You ask taking a few steps back. "Nope." Josh laughs and before you can run or even move they all throw water at you. You felt a rush of cold ice fill your entire body, sending chills everywhere. "Oh my god!" You gasp. They're all laughing. "You think it's funny? I'M SOAKED!" You grab a bucket next to you. "Oh crap!" You hear one of the guys yell. You throw it at them and end up throwing the bucket too. "Ah, Ow!" Alex yells. "Oh.. sorry. It slipped." You laugh. You managed to wet all of them, well except for Alex.. who just got hit by the bucket.
  10. You squeeze as much water as you can out of your shirt. "Thanks guys." You say. "No problem." Alex says winking at you. You guys pick up the buckets and bring them pack over to the old man. Who thanks you and insults the guys. You walk back out into the hall way. "I don't get why he had to insult us?" Josh says to the guys. "He seemed to like ____ the most." Calisto said "Yeah that's because I wasn't messing around acting like I was a Jedi with a metal rod." You laugh referring to Alex. "What? I was trying to have fun." He replies. "Yeah but the part that was fun was Patch's idea to throw the water at you." Josh laughed. "That was PATCH'S idea?" You yell. They all reply by laughing. "Well I'm soaked so that's to you guys I have to go back and change." You reply flipping your hair back. "Alright well meet us back at Tyler's were playing COD there tonight." Josh replies. "Alright." You part your ways and head back to the room.
  11. You walk back into your room and slid over to your closet. Luckily your shorts didn't get wet so you switched shirts and walked into the bathroom to brush your hair. When your satisfied with the way you look you walked back out and noticed Jake's clothes folded on your bed. 'Should I go now?' You ponder on the thought and decide its a good time since the guys won't be coming back anytime soon since there going to be at Tyler's distracted by COD. You grabbed the clothes and walked out of the room. You walked down the hall and around the corner to where your and Patch were the night before. You see the elevator and hit the arrow pointing up. The elevator shafts lowers and the doors slid apart, opening and you walk in hitting the button with the number four and it glows. It moves up and it dings as it hits the fourth floor. You walk out and try to look for Jake's room. All you remember is that his room number was 2253. You walked by each door reading the numbers. "2250, 2251, 2252, got it. 2253." You walk up to the door and shift awkwardly with the clothes in your arms. You know on the wooden door. No one answers. You were about to knock again when you were stopped by a voice. Your heart dropped, and you stood frozen in place. All the voice said was. "What are you doing here?"

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