love and bloood 6

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The story c---inues with the famous charecters you,dainen,lauran,kanan, and race. They all are still trying to win your heart. can they? or are you just a waste of time and a big liar.about everything.

you are the one who can do this. The whole world deepens on you and what you do. You are going to have to fall in love with one soon before it's too late.

Created by: bla city

  1. it's been a while so let's recap...the others save you and you have another one of your dreams...K?
  2. You are in your dream and you see damon. He wraps his arms around you and kisses you lightly. You don't fight or anything. You just sit there and go along with it like it's a normal thing. Untill, he pulls you tightier, and guess what? he starts to kiss your neck and travels down to your collar bone. He slids his toung up your neck to your face and just stares at you. And when he goes back in for more you wake up with race by your side.
  3. "Hi,________." He said while smiling. "I brought you something." He hands you a moon shaped necklace with a silver chain. in the middle there was a twilight colored stone mixed with a sort of green into it. You stared in amazment. It looked so beautiful. He took it from you and hooked to your neck and let it dangle on your chest.he looked he was going to cry. "Sorry, it's just the last person I gave this to was the love of my life and died by a stuiped werewolf. and I can't have that happen to you." He rubs his eyes and you give him a hug. then you both lay on your bed together and he plays with your hair and twirls it around.Then you hear a hudge crash from a distance. Race got up fast and looked out the window.
  4. He grabs you and starts to run down the stairs as you tell him about your dreams you have been having lately. You tell him everything that happened in all of them so far and he gasps. "Well, you might be seeing your past. And I have a question for you, have you seen damen?" you shake your head. You really haven't seen damen ever since yesterday and he always checks on you or brings you brecfest in the morning. but now, you start to panic. Race finds the others and their shouts were getting higher as the sound from the woods came closer.
  5. You wake up in a big tunnel under the ground. kanan is by your side bleeding. Dainen comes and says, "THe time is getting near. We don't have much of a choice now but to stay down here. And if we don't the werewolfs could get us, or we would die running." He got up and kissed you really hard to make up some time with you. And walked away into the dark. Now your alone with a bleeding kanan asleep. You sigh and lean back onto the wall of the tunnel.
  6. lauran comes out now with a sack full of food. he said that we might have needed it one day so they filled it with freash fruit and every thing you could imagaine here. you grabed the first things you saw and shoved them down your throat. you hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. lauran sat down beside you as you ate. He watched you shove it all down your throut.
  7. lauran goes in for a kiss but another loud bang comes from the back of the tunnel and you see werewolfs coming out of the dark into the light of the cave where kanan was still passed out. then you see some one step from out of the shadows behind the wolfs.
  8. how did you like it?
  9. that's all I can think of right now.
  10. rate, comment?

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