love and bloood part 2

hio, k so you know have to take my quiz. it's getting better. like really good. not kidding! your discovering more everyday! so keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will really like this. no joke. I am serious for people who don't belive me. it's about love and mystery, and really ful of action........So, you will really like it.

Created by: bla city

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  1. You wakeup and find dainen sleeping on a chair in your room and lauran really deep into a book. you sit up and find a note and a dark red rose next to your thigh. you unfold the note and it wrote,Meet me in the garden. but, there's a problem, you have no idea where the garden is. you get up and see another note on the floor. oyu open it againand it said go down the stairs. you excitedly rush down the stairs.
  2. You keep going until you reach the edge of the stairs and smell some awesome brekfest being made.You open the note and it says to go all the way to the end of the hall and to the first door on the left. So you follow the note in hand wiith yet another rose, but a mid night blue this time. you get to the door and slowly open it. It's a dark garden with gray clouds in the sky and more of the dark red roses and two midnight blue colored roses. This place is like a graveyard. You look over and some guy that looks like damen on vampire diares, but different. he has the same shaggy black hair and skin,then he speaks," I know you want answers. so, I am just going to tell you. YOu already know your posien to the grey backs and glodminded. correct?"YOu nod again."And you are bacause,ha, you might be a vampire. and everyday, on this exact time, day and age, each person in my family finds out their a vamp and at 16 they are fully vamp now. no turning back." You gasp. all this strange guy, damen, was saying, was true. you knew it." anyway, I need to be on my way. but remember,I will be watching." He disapered in to thin air and left a yellow tulip in his place.
  3. You run out of there and slam the door. you can't tell anyone what just happend. he said the was watching. that's the scary part.But,I think it's because he doesn't want them to know he was here. and he is a possible brother brother of, i'm not going to get him in troble no matter how scary he may seem. you hear foot steps walking toward you and there's all three guys coming toward you.they all sighed in releif. "where were you?" dainen asked. you didn't say anything but breth heavly. "O.k you don't nned to tell us, but we need to get race and tell him yout here." "where is he?" went to go look for you." "how long was I gone?" "About a whole after noon." You gasped.
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  5. Your in your room now and you are getting dressed now. What do you wear?
  6. you walk down stairs and dainen wistles, laurans mouth drops, kanans trying to say something but can't, and race is just amazed.
  7. You are now eating a BLT and some other things you like. when your done, lauran speaks up and starts a converstion."YOu might be wondering things_______, but you don't have to worry. there's many things we don't know about it either.but you need to know some thigns to protct your self and the others in this house." You nod and look down to your food that kanan cooked don't want to go through this again.race gets up and holds you down too. You all laugh.But they didn't c---inue the convertion you guys were going to have. so, you all decied to go some where else. You went back to your room and there's kanan's sister satnding there. "You know, i'm sorry i said those things. i just got all worked up. but you still dangerous so watch what you do.k?" You nod and she walks away. Now your by yourself when you get into a good book. You read until it's midnight. then, you hear something down stairs. You put your book down and walked slowly down the hall to the stairs.
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