Would I Date You?

I simply made this quiz because I got bored lmao and this dude keeps trying to impress us with his guitar even though he can't play. Like for real dude learn before you show off.

If you get a bad result, don't be upset, I made the quiz really stupid so it's not the end of the world. If it makes you feel better, I probably would never date myself.

Created by: Mercedes

  1. It's my birthday! What do you think I want?
  2. I call you at 3 am because I had a bad dream. How do you respond?
  3. I invite you over, what do we do?
  4. You come over for movie night, what movie do you pick?
  5. We are picking out costumes for a Halloween party. Which couple's costume do you choose?
  6. You are about to battle with the biggest, gnarliest, most disgusting beast in the whole state of Alabama. Which weapon do you choose?
  7. I've gone missing? Where's the first place you look?
  8. I give you the aux cord! What band do you choose?
  9. You are going prank me by sticking something in my bag to scare me. What do you choose?
  10. Which Shrek character is your favorite?

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