How much CP will you get (GD)

Like this quiz and do stuff good dude this test is like 100% accurate lmao totally but only 13 questions so take it good dude or girl or person have fun.

Also note that this isn’t 100% accurate lol meaning it might not be right who knows I was just bored asf and made this so well say guys and girls and people.

Created by: RobTops Toilet
  1. Are you considered a “good” creator by other people?
  2. What do you do most?
  3. How many full levels do you have?
  4. Do people want to collab with you frequently?
  5. Do your levels get sent by mods?
  6. Is your style unique?
  7. Are you friends with any moderators?
  8. Do you have a good reputation with the community?
  9. Do you beg robtop to rate your levels?
  10. How many likes do your levels get?
  11. Do other people upload your levels to YouTube?
  12. How do you name your levels?
  13. Do you want CP?

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Quiz topic: How much CP will I get (GD)