So, what Patchyland dude are you?

This is a quiz to find out which of these glorious 8 people you are. Not which one you're LIKE, but which you ARE. You have to actually become the person after you're finished so that it will be accurate.

Now it's your time to find out who you are. It will be incredibly boring you you are one of these people and you just get yourself, but it would make sense, wouldn't it? Go.

Created by: Colter

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  1. So, it's time. Quietly pick the color you like the most and nobody will have to get hurt.
  2. You walk outside. You are actually happy that you did this because the weather is:
  3. So there's this generic thingey. You're probably going to go to it. But why, I wonder?
  4. You're walking down an aisle in an awesome store. There's this terrible person in your path and they SNEEZE right before you pass them. What now?
  5. Two of your dear, dear friends are having a vicious argument. You're right there. Whatcha gonna do, huh?
  6. "May I take your order?" The waiter stands there impatiently. He does not look as if he will wait much longer before breaking down. Hurry!
  7. Look at the last sentence you typed. What's at the end of the sentence? Be honest, or else!
  8. It is the final question. 5 games are released simultaneously but you can only afford one. Pick.
  9. Wait, nevermind, that's not the last question but I'm not editting now. So uh... how's life?
  10. This is the real last one. You're sitting there, minding your own business, you know? Then some really cute cutie sits next to you. Due to life's meachanics, you can't do NOTHING, so what do you do?

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Quiz topic: So, what Patchyland dude am I?