Are you more like Pon or Zi?

Take this quiz to find out which of the cute little emo characters you are! The quiz is very easy and only takes a little this quiz see what kind of personality you are! it is so accurate when it is finished!

Find out now whether you are an affectionate little dude like little yellow pon or are you a weird and wacky little blue dude like zi!? take the quiz and find out!! answer honestly the first time then after go nuts! youll never know what'll come up!

Created by: pon_&_zi_lurver
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  1. are you willing to get bitten by a spider to save your loved one?
  2. if your loved one was horrifcally disfigured in a freak accident and looked like a mutant hamster-horse thing would you still love them?
  3. if you made a cookie for a loved one and ate it what would be your exuse?
  4. can you draw pretty enough pics of your loved one
  5. have you even been paying attention during this quiz?
  6. would you rather be blue or yellow?
  7. what is your fav out of these numbers?
  8. finnaly would you promise not to kill someone so you could have a hug?
  9. umm BONUS TIME YAY!! which do you like better pon or zi?
  10. umm ANOTHER BONUS TIME!! im running out of questions so truthfully were you paying attention or were you clicking buttons

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Pon or Zi?