love and bloood 4

k so you are going to like this quiz. It getten' better and better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 you are..........!!!!!!!!!I'm not saying anything. you are gonna love it so much your gonna cry!

like I said before I love you and I hope you love every single bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k? and aslo I am going to make 5 sooner or later so lets celabrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: bla city

  1. you look into the blood looking eyes and out stepped a person. he looked sharp with his tux and neatly pulled back dark brown hair. he smiles at you and his teeth sparkeled. his brown eyes look like they were glowing. he walked toward you and took your hand and kissed it. then he looked up at you and keeped smiling."Finnally I get to see you again after all these years. by the way, i'm damon." then he started to kiss you. but before his lips touched yours you woke up. You find your self looking into dainens face and very close to touching it."Good morning sleeping beauty." he says and puts down a tray with two plates full of food. he taks a plate and sitts down next to you and starts to eat with eat too and then he kisses put down your plate and now he's on top of you kissing down your pull away when you see damon at your closet looking at things. What?" says damon. then he looks over there to where damon is. he getts up and punchs damon in the head. and he falls to the ground. "dainen, why did you do that? he's kind of my brother just cheking in on me to make sure i;m not hurt!" you snap at him. he gasps."Your a...a..""Yes a vampire. now can we please pick him up?" you get off the bed and get damon off the floor.You turn to dainen who's just standing there staring into space. "What was that all about?" you say with your hands on your hips like a mom. "He's not dead.. he's just nocked out. that's it. nothing else." then he walks out the door leaving you and sleeping damen alone. (Hours later)Later laurans kissing your neck and getting really low."Lauran stop." you say. but he keeps going.then you see damen standing in the doorway with his arms crossed.
  2. you look at him and tell lauran you will be right back. you need water. you get up and go to him. you walk with him and you go to your room and shut the door."all right what is it?" you fold your arms. "It's that guy you saw you saw in your dream,damon, he's coming." you gasp. "he's real and coming for me?" he looks at you."Yes, and you can't tell the others. he's going to kill them if they knew." you gasp again. "Ya, I know. but soon you will have to go. like in a week. he can't find you. oyu got it?" you nod. "now go!" he says and disapeared.
  3. you walk back to were lauran was waiting and you sit down. "Where's your water?" "I drank it." he shrugged and you talked a little bit. you decied to go and you some how end up in some hall with the only doors were these big white ones with gold handles. you open it and your in a libray and there's rqace reading a book in a window seat. you go over and sit next to him and he jumps. "You scared me." he says smiling and looking glad that your here."What are you reading?" you ask. "I'm reading romeo and juliet."and he looks at you with longing eyes like he's going to do something but doesn't. you stare at each other for a while like that then, you both lean in and you kiss. you kiss like that for a while when you hear a scream.and nothing. just dead sinlece. you both sit there startled and look in separt ways. then a nother scream. And this time it sounded more female."Dira!" yells race and you both run to the livivng area with race in the front. All of them were huddled around her. she was bleeding like crazy with a knife sticking out of the chest. you gasp. kanan's eyes start to water and a tear runs down his face. Dainen picks up a peice of papper.then he started to read.
  4. "_____________, you must not lie or the other die." dainen looks at you. "do you know anything about this?"you shake your head.then lauran grabs the note and says. "you missed something, it reads, from damon." he looks at you too the same way dainen did and you shake your head take the note and look it over. . you gasp. All of them come over to you and take the letter. "I know who wrote this."You say.
  5. they all asked you who it was but you had to got to your room. you rush up stairs and the others folow you. you reach the door when you tell the others to stay put. you open the door and there's damon leaning agaenst the wall looking the same way he did before. he was smiling at you. "Why did you kill her?" you scream at him.he keeps smiling and walks over to you slowly and holds your hips so you don't move.he's inches from your face and wispers," not what you think I am. I only come to help you on your jorney. you see, I am the greedy on here. I made you who you are today." you gasp. he steps back. "that dream of yours was true....... a long time ago when you both were running from me. and there is something that vampires are scared of. but I can't say it. I'm forbidden. and all I know is that it's after you." you gasp again.
  6. you walk out of your room and it's dark. none of them are here waiting for feel some one grb your mouth and nock you out. Meanwhile......"Yo, guys where's _______?" asked dainen. "She's not her room."says race.they all run around to find you but your not here."Guys I can't find her." they all say at once. they all gap and race yells"NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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