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Hi! Part 6 is here! I spiced some things up to the game and story. Its not really whats going to be happening to the part 2 of 13 just so you know. Its all part of my idea for a sequel. So take Beautiful Secrets please!

Also the song for "Time is running out" there is a little video for Final Fantasy 13 for it. Just go to You-Tube and type Final Fantasy 13 Time is running out. It goes great with the song. So the video maker is proabably not a gotoquiz user but if you are great video! And Angelic4! I thank you for everything!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. After what seemed forever you and the others traveled through pulse. You were amazed at the la'cie's magic and strength. Light and Snow did mostly slices (Comando) or distract the monsters (Sentimental). Hope and Vanille were powerful in their magic. They did the elements (Ravenger), Hope made them invisable shields along with Sazh (Synerhist), Vanille with her powers weaking the enemy and all of them healed everybody else. After going through the grass lands and the big tower you stopped to take a breath. You breathed hard and Percy stood with his hands on his knees. Sazh stopped and said "I'm getting way too old for this." Vanille then said "Ten years ago you said that! So come on pops! Lets get moveing!" Vanille went behind him and pushed Sazh he then fell into soft snow. Snow got stuck ing his hair. Hope helped him up and said "Its okay Sazh she's a little pushy." "Little? Exscuse me but didn't she push you around too?" Sazh said. "Yes onto the motorcycle aircraft but thats Vanille you should know that by now." Sazh shook his head and sighed. "Well we are here..." Snow said. "Really!?" Vanill ran through the snow and then stopped and she smiled and said "Yes! I'm home!" I caught up with her and saw a little deserted town. There was small metal buildings and small roads. The snow covered most of it but on top of houses we beautiful flowers showing its lost beauty long ago. Vanille ran to it. "Vanille!" Light said. She ran and did a twirl when she was on a road. "What!? No cieth her-" She was about to say when then a owl flew down and it transformed behind Vanille into and old man. He had blue eyes, a white robe with a purple hat and staff. " arigant la'cie...." He said with a old deep strong voice.
  2. Light pulled out her gun sword, Sazh brought out his two guns, Hope with his bomerang (Yeah he still has it! Don't be mean! It boosts his magic even more!) and Snow got into a boxing like stance. They all looked at him and Vanille ran back to where we were and hid behind the others. "What are you doing here?" Snow said. "Ah I see that your brands are back......You still need to complete your focus." He said. (Play Time is running out)"What this again. For the last time we will never destory Cocoon." Hope said. The man looked at them "You still have to complete your new focus......the foul'Cie grow tired......tired of forever being imortal......We want salvation......" He looked serious. "Salvation is not death!" Light said. "You brought me salvation in killing me.....but there is another reason I reach to you la'cie once again....." He said. "What is that?" Sazh said with his guns pointing straight at him. "You have not only your new focus but another......Not Vanille's.....your companion that you met at the university...." He said. "What? Your a la'cie?" Snow looked at you. "No! I never been near any la'cie, foul'Cie or anyhting to do with them until I met Hope!" I said.
  3. The man chuckled. "Stop with your foul'Cie tricks Orphan." Hope said. "Wait he's Orphan?" Percy said looking at the old man. "Yes I am Orphan.....and you _____......are a la'cie......your mark should be on your left shoulder...." The man said. He smiled satified as if a plan went through well. I pulled up my left white sleeve and there I saw black arrows mixed together with a red light in the middle as if something was forming in the middle. It was a mark of a pulse la'cie. I gasped. Hope walked over and looked at the mark. His eyes grew with shock and anger. His fist curled up. He turned around "What did you do?!" He sounded angry.
  4. The man chuckled "It was a experiment long ago....._____ father was a la'cie. His focus was to have a child....he did......then he gain his reward....." Orphan said. "What was this experiment!?" Sazh said. Orphan said in a happier tone "She was the see if the mark will pass onto her genetically......she was a la'cie since the day she was her focus should come to her....." I looked at him and looked at my brand. Orphan smiled and said "Now will you just chit chat or complete your focus? Will you turn to cieth or gain your reward my la'cie." Light then said "WE HAD ENOUGH!!!" Then she pulled out her pink crystal and then came Oldin. Her eidolon. Everyone brought out theirs and Light charged with a war like cry. Then battle raged on. Orphan smiled and then clasped his hands and appeared a big giant knife with stranged markings on the blade. He had red eyes and a crystal purple eye with a big hand. Connected to him was a white and golden green eyed creature with golden metal wings moving up and down. In between them was a woman face that had her eyes closed. She was golden and made the circle that moved behind it. "We are the abandoned......we are Orphan!" Orphan said. Battle unleashed. Right when they were about to win Orphan then made a crack under their feet. It grew bigger and bigger. Vanille, ___, Percy! get out of here!" Snow said. It almost came here but Hope pushed me out of its way and it was then under him and it then grew wide and they all few into a bottomless looking trench. "NO!" Vanille said trying to reach for them. But they fell and Orphan laughed. Vanille looked at him and said "What do you want from them!? They never wanted anything to do with this! They never wanted to be a la'cie! They never wanted to destory Cocoon. Go through the things they did! What do you want!? They were innocent!" Orphan looked at her. "The innocent will always pay the price...But don't you think that you dragged them in it?"
  5. Vanille looked down and Orphan smiled. "You caused the explosion that made Sazh's son a la' were the la'cie that they were looking for in Bolhodum. Causeing Sarah to be in the tomb....Making Snow and Lighting go to dragged Hope so you could get to the foul'cie.......You are the one who caused their suffering Vanille." Orphan said. A tear ran down her cheek. Orphan chuckled. "Now.....because of you they can never be the same.....never be human....they will soon become foul'Cie....." Orphan said gentler. "What? How?" Vanille said confused. Her voice quivered. "Thats the final stage.....after becoming crystal once again...they shall become foul'Cie...." Orphan said. "But I didn't become a foul'Cie! I woke up twice from my sleep!" Vanille said. "Thats because your like any other servant of the foul' have to do your focus that we give you forever.....But them they will become the new foul'Cie......when they wake once more and Cocoon will rest in their hands...." Orphan said. "This was your plan all along!?" Vanille said. Orphan said "Since the begining you became a la' our message is drawing to an end....." Then Orphan slowly faded and there where he was.....was nothing. (FF13 Substained by hate) Vanile fell to her knees. "Its all my fault!" She cried. I looked at Percy and he looked shocked. "So you never wanted Cocoon to fall?" He said. "No....." Vanille said. A tear ran down her cheek. I crouched down next to her and put my hand on her shoulder. But she got up and ran off into the small little town with her arm covering her face.
  6. "Orphan.....the one protector of Cocoon....the sanctum......he wanted it to fall....." Percy said. He looked at you and said "I wish I understood them more...." I walked to him and said "Whatever they want we won't do it. They messed with the wrong people..." I said. "But they are foul'Cie...whats in store for Cocoon makes me fear it......" Percy said looking at the small planet being held by the icy pillar. Vanille and the other girl Fang saved it. The others didn't want it to fall.......
  7. Percy and I went out to the small runned down town with broken windows. It seemed like it was beautiful but after years of rust, battles and cieth its a ghost town. We then found Vanille in the 2nd floor of this one house. She was crying next to a small tiny robot. It beeped and nudged her like a pet. She had her knees covering her face and her face in her palms. I felt bad for her. Orphan is cruel. Some protector of Cocoon he was. I sat next to her and her whisper "Its all my fault.....If I never became a la'cie...." "Vanille its not your fault." I said. "Yes it is...." She said. After half an hour she stopped and said "I'll pay them back. We gotta go get them!" She said. "How?" Percy said. "Well if they are suppose to become foul'Cie and if they did they would need to be where a foul'Cie is....the one that made them la'cie....the one that makes all la'cie......We need to go to Lake Bresha!" Vanille said. "Its crystal now." Percy said. "But the tomb is still there! We need to get to it!" Vanille said. "But that means we have to go into Cocoon and last I checked the PSICOM military doesn't like la'cie." Percy said. "But I can't have people suffer because of what I did!" Vanille said. "But if you got into Cocoon once, you can get in it again." I said. "So we'll need an air craft to get there." Percy said. "But I don't know how to drive stuff like that. Sazh always did that." Vanille said. "Well maybe we can climb-" Percy was about to say when Vanille's face brightened. "I know! Theres gotta be a flying monster around here!" She ran outside and pulled her stick like weapon that looked like a tree branch with thorns at the end and 8 branches sticking out of a small staff like wood. There was a flying monster. It's wings were huge. She did water at it. It got upset and went straight to here to attack. Me and Percy ran next to her to defend her we doged it and she pressed a botton and the thorn like ends wrapped around it's neck. Vanille grabbed my hand and I grabbed Percy's. Then we were dangling in the air. The string pulled us up and we were soon riding on the creature as Vanille controlled it.
  8. I held on tightly. I was scared out of my mind. The creature moved side to side to shake us off. Percy held onto my waist. I tried not to blush because he was holding onto me tightly. Then we were high in th air and Vanille finally got it under control for a second. Then it went near Cocoon. It flew stright through the hole and and through the scar created by the war long ago. I saw the military air crafts flying here and there. There was trains moving on the endless long roads. Below it all was pure blackness that lead to Lake Bresha. I was surprised that the PSICOM military didn't see us. Then I saw a reflection. Then where the biggest lake on Cocoon once was was a crystal wonder land with ripples and waves frozen as crystal. There was the crystalized tomb that was a big black t that had a yellow glow in the middle. "Wow...." Percy said. "The foul'Cie is awake...." Vanille said. "How do you know?" Percy asked. "The yellow light only shines when the foul'Cie it holds is awake...." Vanille explained. There was a little opening. "There a enternce!" I said pointing at it. "Great job! Thats the enterence straight to the foul'Cie itself!" Vanille said. "I know because thats how I got in and I became a la'cie...." I nodded. Then she steered the creature to it and she said "Jump in three....." "Wait what?" I said. I didn't like jumping to Grand Pulse the first time." "Two......THREE!" Vanille said and I jumped along with Percy and Vanille. I landed on something hard and metal. I opened my eyes and saw a unfamiliar place.
  9. It was like a passage way leading to countless of steps, hallways leading to plate forms, to elevators that flosted by a mysterious force, and countless of stories of floors that I could see looking to the side. At the bottom it continued on. But Vanille said "Come on we don't have time to look around." I nodded and the three of us went to a big door. We opened it and saw a room with two metal collums, and a oval like capsule. There laying on the floor was Hope. He was out cold. Vanille ran to him and shook his side. He didn't move. "Hope come on get up!" She said despertly. "Look I'm sorry please get up!" She said. I walked over to him and checked for a pulse. I found one. But then a gigantic arm pushed us and it was his eidolon. It's eyes glowed and I said "We are here to help him Alexander." But then it's eyes glowed and the capsule opened and there was a foul'Cie. It's eyes glowed. It had no legs, it had a big hat like thing hanging from it was glowing green ropes. A colum rose and a hand like thing formed at the bottom. "Whats happenening!?" I said. "His eidolon turned against him..." Said a familar voice. I turned and saw Light with her gun pointing at the eidolon. "Light!" Vanille said. Then Snow came with his fist ready for punches. Sazh came with his two guns. One pointing at the foul'Cie and the other at the eidolon.
  10. Hope layed still. "He should have woken up by now" Snow said. "But what if he did.....and he couldn't fight Alexander's strength......I remember that my eidolon drained me of power." Light said. "Maybe he woke up later then us drained of power. I know that my eidolon was draining me while I'll was asleep.....I almost couldn't beat him...." Sazh said. "Is that why he's not moving?" I asked. "Yup Hope got drained and woke up late. So he wasn't able to defeat Alexander. Now he's like a dead dog." Sazh shook his head. "But what makes me wonder is why. They came to have us not to give up hope in completing our focus and protect us and listen to our every comand. But now they attack us. Are they toying with us?" Snow said. I remembered what Orphan had said *They shall become foul'Cie....* Then right before my eyes the foul'Cie did a strike of light at Alexander and it was gone. There layed the small yellow crystal. If it broke it would unleash him. I went to his side along with Percy and Vanille. Sazh came slowly next to him keeping his eye on the foul'Cie and have his guns pointed at it. "Here lets see if he'll respon to cure..." Vanille said. Blue magic touched him and he didn't show any sign of movment or breathing. "Try raise..." Sazh said. Vanille waved her hand toward him and green arua surrounded him and disappeared. He still didn't move. "What will he respon to?" Snow said. He shook him rapidly. Hope still didn't move. "Is there a pulse?" Light asked. I heard worry in her voice. I checked. There was none.
  11. Then the foul'Cie's eyes stopped glowing and the capsule covered it and it was gone. Then Hope opened his icy blue eyes. "HOPE! Your okay!" Light hugged him. Hope sat up and said "Hello Clare Farron nice to see you once again." Light looked at him and asked "Hope?" "Hahaha kid gave us a good scare didn't you!" Snow said patting him on the back. Hope replied with a hard stare and said "What do you mean? I am and always been perfectly fine." "You don't sound right boy?" Sazh said. "Hope what did you say to me when we were on pulse and we were helping la'cie with their incomplete focuses. You said something to me in the forest like part of Pulse?" Vanille quized him. "What do you mean? I belive that I havn't properly introduced my self..." Hope got up and in front of us all and said with his voice echoing a old, powerful ancient voice "I'm Hope Estheim one of the newest pulse foul'Cie of Grand Pulse."
  12. Hi! Thats the end of part 6! Coment and rate please!

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