Life in Coccoon

Hi! I hope you all know what Final Fantasy 13 is! Cause this is what this series is going to be based on. Yeah I thought that this would be cool for FF13-2!

I hope you like it! Cocoon fell and was saved by two La'cie. The remaining La'cie smiled when their brands disappeared. Then they lived their lives and help build Cocoon back up. Ten years later you come to find out more about them.....

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. Okay! I thoght of this as a story for the new gaming series FF13-2. Yeah I know this is weird but I thought of this over and over!
  2. Okay if you havn't played or heard of the series then heres some information on understanding it.
  3. Cocoon is a little planet in the sky known as the luxerious planet above a earthy like planet thats bigger called Grand Pulse. Cocoon's people feared a certain group that helped guide them in time of need. The foul Cieth. They are high in power and can have a human have super powers like them but they were called La'Cie. You see Cocoon knew that La'cie were powerful. One day some La'cie tried to destory cocoon by turning into a monster call Ragonrock. There was a great battle and most of the people feared the la'cie and stayed away from Grand Pulse as possible. Cocoon also is high in technology and has a high government. The Sanctum. The Sanctum are foul cie who helped Cocoon and protected it's people. But one day there was a transportaion of people from Bolhudom. They were being transported to Grand Pulse because there was la'cie among them. It got sabatoged and a few days later Cocoon fell from the sky. But Ragonrock apeared and saved Cocoon. Leaving it in a crytsal like state in still being in the sky.
  4. Okay so your a citzen of Cocoon. Your 23. Ten years after Cocoon fell. You barely remember it though. Your name is Nada. You have black hair and brown eyes. You are in college and taking a history class. After Cocoon fell the two different armies were able to evacuate most of Cocoon and save presious technology. So Cocoon was up in running with it's flying lectronics, guns, advance schools and cities. Your taking notes as the professor talks.
  5. "So right after we were able to make some of useful material for our equipment Cocoon was able to be back to its old self mostly." The profeccor said. A student raised their hand "We know how Cocoon was rebuild and back together but what about the la'cie who caused all of this?" Everyone nodded. "Well we do not know the names of the la'cie. There was videos on finding them but after Cocoon's fall they been destoryed." Said the teacher. (Okay first person mode on!) I took more and more notes then it was the end of class. I was the last one to leave for the door but my professer said "_____ come here please." I walked to the front next to him where the holographic pictures showed the internet and more. "Yes" I said. "I see that your test scores are higher then those who are in this class. I sent your test scores to the principle and they sugested that you get boosted up to the advance history class." He said. "Advance history class? But was advance about that?" I asked. "Well this is a special advance history class with our school's top student who look into the history of Cocoon and go out of Cocoon to find more reasources that could help the people." He said "Do you accept?" He asked. "Yes!" I said quickly. "Right on Miss ______. You take this paper to the teacher over on the bottom floor the one with Mr.E. It will put you inside of the class." He said handing me a paper. "Yes I will! Thank you so much!" I say. I left him to where he told me to go.
  6. I walk down the hallway to the big stairs. The walls to my left were just plain glass. So I could see the city of Palumpolum. Cars flying to their desinations. morticycle's, big holographic ads on big building in different sizes. It was clean and nice and it was just Cocoon (Look it up if you want more detail. Its just amazing!) I walked down the stairs and went to the end of the hall going back where I came from but on the first floor. There was a plate that said "Advance History. Mr.E" I knocked and heard a young male's voice, "Come in." I opened the door and saw one of the hottes guys ever. He had icy blue green eyes with silvery hair, his skin was light, he had light green blue pants on with a pouch on the side. He had a light yellow shirt that looked like the sycom's Uniform shirt that was a jacket, a yellow hakerchif was at his chest and under the jacket I could see that he had a white shirt on. He had a hankerchif on his left wrist. He was hot! He also had black gloves on that was white on the palms.
  7. "Hi" I said. I tried not to tremble. "Greetings to you back. So what brings you here?" He asked. He had such a smart vocabulary."He sounds so smart and his voice its high pitch yet its deep and its just ah! He's so hot! I wonder what his name is!" I thought. "I was boosted up to advance history." I said. He nodded and said "Okay so your Miss ____. Mr.Evean spoke to me about getting a new student." He said. "Your his assistant?" I asked. "No I am not. I help him a lot though when we go out of Cocoon and with a couple of things. But I'm just another student. I'm Hope Estheim by the way" He said hold his hand out for a shake. I shook it.
  8. "Okay Hope Estheim I'm ______." I said to him. We stop shaking hands. "I must be on my way. I have some homework to get attended to." He said. "Okay see you later." I said. Then he left.
  9. I walked outside of the building and walked to the holographic sigh that had the picture of a bus. Then quickly a flying buss with no wings glided on the ground and stopped by me. A steam was heard and the door opens. I let a couple of people get out of the vehicle and then I stepped in. There was some seats and some metal hanger thingys that you hold on to. I grabbed on next to a girl in odd clothing. People in Cocoon usually wear pants and simple stylish stuff. But her clothing was a feathery sjirt with some furry orange boots. She had a bikini like orange thick top with a beaded necklace. Actually a couple more necklaces. She had pouches at her side that were yellow and black. Her hair was in to big side poney tails that were curled. Her hair was a bright orange and her eyes were a cute light green. She looked about 14 years old.
  10. I was wondering why she was all by herself. She saw me and a big smile grew on her face and she said in a high pitch voice cheerfully "Hey do you know anyone named Fang?" I shook my head. "No I don't." I said. "How about a Sarah? Or a Hope?" She asked. "I do know a Hope. Are you looking for Hope Estheim?" I asked. She nodded. "Yes do you know where he is?" She asked. "I don't know he left a couple minutes ago. I don't know where he's going thought." I said. "Okay thanks!" She said.
  11. The bus stops and I get off and she does too. "Hey exscuse me but whats your name?" I asked her. She smiled and said "I'm Vanille
  12. Hi! Tell me what you think and I see if I can continue this! I havn't given up on my other series though!
  13. Last thing! TAKE Beautiful Secrets!

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