Life in Cocoon (Part 3)

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Hi! This is part 3! Some things are more explained in this one if you don't understand the whole la'cie thing and the Sanctom. Also I spelled the military Sycom wrong. How I spelled it is how you pronounce it but it's really called PSICOM.

So if you still don't understand after this or have more questions that I havn't answered yet say so on my comments. Also the answer to angelic4'question. Hope is not the only guy. Theres two other guys but they are now either 40 or 30. But I'm going to add some characters to this okay?

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "Okay what do you want to know?" Vanile said. "What exactly is a la'cie?" I asked. "Well there are these powerful creatures call the foul cie. They are super hard to kill and are really old. They are the ones who made Cocoon and have it float in the air. They give reasources to the people. They are in different places and control something different. One fal'Cie was in Cocoon. It was known at the Sanctum." She said. "But the sanctum is no longer here. Its now gone. But didn't the sanctum protect Cocoon?" I asked. "No the sanctum are foul cie and they only wanted death and have Cocoon destoryed. Some foul cie take on human forms. others don't. But la'cie are different. La'cie are made by the foul cie. They are humans who either by accident or on purpose go to the foul cie head quauaters and become a la'cie. The point of a la'cie is so they can do things that the foul cie can't. Like say as if a foul cie wanted to have milk but can't go to the store and get some. Well they can have a human do that by making them into a foul cie and giving them a focus. La'cie have a limited amount of time to complete their focus. If the time runs out and they don't complete it they turn into a monster known as a cieth. They can never be human ever again. And live forever as a cieth. But when a la'cie complete's their focus they gain enternal life as a reward. They go to sleep in a crystal like state and may never wake up again. But if they do they might have the same focus as before because they turned to crystal before completing it. La'cie can be asleep for centuries or more. Who knows how long it can be." Vanille said. "How do you tell the difference from a la'cie and a human?" I asked her. "La'cie have a mark called a brand. Its somewhere on their body. Also they have super human powers. They can do fire, water, lighting, ice, areo, heal, protect, shell and much more." Vanille said. "Okay so what was that thing that came from the ground? The one that came when that small piece of crystal broke?" I asked. "Thats a eidolon. A Eidolon is a special creature that gets asigned to specific la'cie. They come when the la'cie is about to give up. They then come and they challenge the la'cie by giving them doom. Doom is when you will die in a certain amount of time unless if you kill the person or thing that gave you it. So the la'cie will either die or the la'cie proves their strength and the Eidolon will sever the la'cie whenever in time of need." Vanilled explained. "So each Eidolon is different?" I asked. "Yes. How powerful the la'cie the more powerful the Eidolon will be. You see some la'cie either specialize in strength and magic. Some more strength then magic. Others are powerful in magic more then strength. In the group of la'cie that me and Hope were either more powerful in strength or magic." Vanille said. "Okay....does this have anything to do with the War of Trangression?" I asked. "It has almost everything to do with it. You see the battle started because l'cie from Grand Pulse ripped open a hole in Cocoon. It was patched up as you know and everyone in Cocoon is now scared of l'cie. The Sanctum used this fear to control the citizens." Vanilled said. She looked down and I said "Vanille how did you became a l'cie?"
  2. "I was made a la'cie.....okay so its been ten years....about 310 years ago I became a la'cie." Vanille said. "Wait what? 310?" I said shocked. "Yup!" She said cheerfully. "Wow! So how old is Hope? Please don't tell me he's a guru.." I said. "He's 24 I belive." Vanille said. "In actuale age or 24 years ago he became a la'cie?" I asked. "He's 24 in his total age. 10 years ago thats when I first met him and he became a la'cie." Vanille said. "Do you know how though?" I asked. "Yes..." Vanille said.
  3. *Ten years ago* People stood in line to get on the train that PSICOM forced them to. The citizens were either residents of Bolhudom the city in Cocoon that was by it's seas or people from the capital and other cities like Palumpolom. "Get moving!" A PSICOM soldier said. He had a black jumpsuit like uniform with black boots, a big gun that shoots quickly like a famus, his helmet was black with yellow lines and the lines went all over his body like a robotic way. It specificly made so it could protect him. It was the normal PSICOM uniform in this time. Some PSICOM soldiers had different colors but it was mstly the same. They made Cocoon people of all sizes and age to a changing room that was a big rectanular movibale and had a excit and a enterence. People came in with their beach like clothing or formal normal like clothing and came out with their clothes covered by a big cloak that was white with a blue glow in the dark hoodie and lines going down their side with green glowing hand cuffs. The green glow showed that the cuffs were locked. The only way for it to be unlocked was a computer or radeo like machine that each train held. "Keep moving." a PSICOM soldier said. They surrounded the people. A guy tried to make a run for it out the way them came but three other soldiers chsed them and one said "Hey!" The guy turned a corner. The three soldiers stopped at the corner and shot rapicly at the guy. Some screamed and some just stayed where they were. Afraid to move even an inch.
  4. Vanille walked into the train under a cloak and had handcuffs. She looked at the nice, small, peacful town of Bolhudom. Then a soldier said "Get moving" Vanilled went inside the narrow train and heard all of the micro phoned voices of the PSICOM soldiers. Their helmets made it so their real voices were not heard but a microphone was heard. Vanille sat and the train got filled up by more and more people. Once it was filled the train went off to the unknown.
  5. Vanille looked at the PSICOM soldiers as they walked around with their guns. Then the train all of a sudden stopped. "Why are we stopping?" A soldier said. Then a guy bursted through the doors. He had blond hair in a bandini, blue eyes, a gray jacket, blue pants, a necklace, a blue v neck shirt and black gloves. He looked about 21 years old. He punched the PSICOM soldiers before they even shot one bullet. The handcuffs disappeared when he broke the machine that had the handcuffs locked. Eveyone gasped in happyness and then got up. "Come with me if you don't want to be relocated." The guy siad in a deep voice. Everyone got off of the train and stayed in one place and the guy said "I'll be back with weapons." He then left. Minnutes later he came back with teenagers with him. One had blue hair and looked 16, one looked 14 with blond hair and blue eyes, one was a 21 year old girl with black hair and green eyes and another was a 21 year old guy who had orange hair. The put down two arm fulls of guns. "Help us fight against PSICOM. To protect your families, friends and help those in Cocoons freed from under their order!" The guy said. At first no one came up but soon people came up and grabbed a gun. The group memeber left with the two other 21 year olds and 14 and 16 year old. The guy whoo helped with the train watched as more and more people joined. There was two guns left. There was this one woman in a cloak next to her kid. She got up and took off her cloak. She looked about to be 39 years old. She had bage pants with a light blue blose. She had icy blue green eyes with silvery white hair. The guy looked at her and said "Are you sure?" The woman picked up a gun and said "Moms are tough." She ran to where the others went to. But she stopped to look at her child. The kid next to him just seemed to be looking down. But you could tell if you looked closely that he was watching his mother. Because you can see a green designed hankerchif. "SNOW get over here!" One of the group member said. The guy named Snow held up the last gun and tried to give it to the kid that was next to the woman. "Here can you protect the-" Snow was about to say but the kid back up and said "No, no, no ........" Then Vanille came still in her cloak and grabbed the gun. She smiled and pointed the gun at him and said "Bang!" in a playful voice. She laughed. Snow pretended that he got shot and did a fake flinch and said "Oh you got me. I'll be back" He then left. The people either talked with their family like a parent comforting their child, or some people comforting their loved one. Vanille took off her cloak and looked where battle raged on. She saw that kid that had the mother. He was watching intently where the volenteers and the group fough PSICOM. A big battle ship came and was going to shoot the highway like bridge that they were on. The place where the trains where was a highway like place that had only roads and flying ships or cars for the PSICOM military. Eveyrthing else was just dark and st the bottom was the big lake of Cocoon. The ship was about to shoot the bridge then the volenteers shot it down. The PSICOM left fleeing that part of the road. The people rebelling there cheered. But then a ship came and shot the bridge. It was divided and the two sides were tilted like a mini slide. There dangling was the guy Snow. He was hanging onto the edge with one hand and the other on the woman with the silvery white hair. Then she fell into the darkness. The kid said "NO!" But she fell and soon disappeared to the lake hundres of miles below. The kid looked down. He took deep breaths. He didn't tremble. He had icy blue green eyes with white silvery hair, a orange jacket, a turguise designed hankerchif with a black shirt under his jacket, dark green pants, black gloves with a white palms, and he had a yellow hankerchif on his left wrist.
  6. "Is that your mother?" Vanille said. He said trying not to sound like a kid that was going to cry. " could he do such a thing........" He said. Vanille put her hand on his shoulder but he pulled his shoulder and said "Get away from me...." Vanille looked at him and said "He said that he'll be back! Why don't you talk to him!?" She said cheerfully. "I'm Oreba Dia Vanille whats your name?" Vanille said cheerfully. The young 14 year old said "My name is Hope Estheim."
  7. Then they waited for Snow he came in a big moracycle like vehicle that flew. Next to him was the orange hair guy in the same type of thing. "Go talk to him!" Vanille said pushing him over there. Hope then walked there but Snow was talking with the other guys who kept on calling him a hero and all that. Then Snow left. Vanille came and said "He left! That sucks!" She walked over to the other morticyle flying vehicle. It had two big open sides, one big seat that could hold two people, and the front and back was just a big thick smooth metal that held it together with a flate bottom. "Do you know how to drive this?" Vanille said. "Maybe but the technology is kinda-" Hope said but Vanille push him in there and he sat and she sat behind him and said pointing to where the big tomb like stature where the foul'Cie rest "That way!" She said in a playful child like voice. "But thats where the-" Hope was about to say then the orange haired guy said "What are you kids doing? GET OUT OF THERE!" He was running to the two and Hope said "Here goes nothing!" Then he started it up and the vehicle started up. The group of teenagers came and the orange haired guy said "TURN IT OFF AND GET BACK DOWN HERE!" Hope saw them and felt Hope tense. He then drove it to where the foul'cie layed and to where Snow went....
  8. *Back to present* "We went there to where the foul'cie rested and crashed there. We searched for Snow and Hope kept on saying that we shouldn't have come there. We met up with Snow and he was about to leave us but came back. Then we found a couple of other people. We found the foul'Cie. It didn't want us to leave. Then the floor fell as did the tomb. PSICOM dropped it into the lake in Cocoon to get rid of the la'cie making creature. But it made 5 more la'cie. It branded Hope, Snow, the other girl and other guy. Giving them powers, a brand and a focus...." Vanille finished. "Wow.....thats kinda sad..." I said. "It was......then we completed our focus and turned to crystal but not for a long time. I just woke up. The others they woke up the next day after Cocoon's fall. Then they just went off to their lives." Vanille said. "So the PSICOM gerneral said that they found a video of some of the la'cie in Palumpolpm. What happened there?" I asked. "I don't know that story. We splitted up after we were branded." Vanille said. "So who are these other branded la'cie?" I asked. "Their names are Light, Sazh and Fang. Fang was with me before all of the others." Vanille said. "So they are living in Cocoon this vary scond I guess?" I said. "I think so. This is Palumpolom. Cocoon's capital. So they might be here." She said. "I have one more question...." I said to her. "What is that?" Vanille said cheerfully. "What was your focus?" I asked. "Mine was to save Cocoon. The others I'm not exactly sure. The Sanctum leader, known as Orphan kept on telling them that their focus was to destory Cocoon. But then again they turned in Cieth. But they came back and Lighting said that their focus was to achive the impossible. But once Cocoon was falling they turned ot crystal. Because Cocoon was about to be destoryed. When they woke up their brands was gone. I was even shocked at that. But I'm not sure if it was to destory Cocoon or achive the impossible...." Vanille said.
  9. "Well so what happens now. I guess Hope's brand is back. I don't doubt that the others have their brand's back." I said. "I don't know what happens. If their focus really was to destory Cocoon then thats why they are back.....but if their focus changed.....then they might have gotten a vision and not know it. Like a weird realistic dream. But maybe their focus changed.....but what we don't know is the time limit. If they have a new focus. We have to find out or they'll become Cieth in any moment...." Vanille said. "So who should we go looking for first?" I asked. "Sazh wait Sarah. " Vanille said. "But we are in Palumpolom. Her and Snow live in Bolhodum....Lighting....she's probably with her sister Sarah...." Vanille said. "So Sazh it is." I said. "Do you know where he would be?" I asked. "I think I might know" Vanille said.
  10. We were then walking over to a chocobo pen. Chocobos are big chicken birds that you can ride on. They are brave and fast. Vanille asked a guy at the desk top "Hey do you know a Sazh Katzroy?" "Yes he's right over in pen seven over there." The guy said pointing at a en that had the number seven on it. Vanille and I walked over to the pen and saw a big yellow chocobo. It screeched a pelcan bird sound. It looked at Vanille and jumped up flapping its wings. "Hey Coco what do you-" said a deep voice. A guy came and saw Vanille and me. He had a dark brown afro with dark brown eyes and dark skin, he had a green jacket, with bage pants with two big pockets that held guns and he had a low bage poket shirt. He looked at Vanille and said "Vanille is that you?" He looked about 40 years old. "Hi Sazh!" Vanille said cheerfully. "I thought that you were holding Cocoon...." He whispered. "I woke up and Cocoon was still up with it's icy pillar." Vanille said. "You named your chocobo Coco?" Vanille said. "No Dojih named him." Sazh said looking at the chocobo. "He can't fit in your afro anymore can he?!" Vanille said. "No he can not....." Sazh said. He chuckled. "Where is Dojih?" Vanille asked. "He went off to hang with his friends from school. As he grows up he ignores Coco more and more....." Sazh said "And his old dad..." Sazh sighed. "Don't get down! So what is Coco doing here for?!" Vanille asked. "I bring him here so he wont get lonely. He sees other chocobos here every day. Its like a playground for them." Sazh said. "So you know how the others are doing?" Sazh said. "Not Snow and them. But Hope got arrested.." Vanille said. Sazh's eyes grew wide and he gestured his hand to follow him. We went to a corner and said "Why? He's not the bad kid type....but that was when I last saw him 10 years ago...." Sazh said. "His brand appeared again. So did his powers and it cause a big ruckus because PSICOM was going to arrest him but then Alexander showed up and so did his brand." Vanille said. "Me and Nada were wondering if your reappeared." Vanille said. "No it hasn't but thanks for the heads-" Just then he yelped in pain. He grabbed his chest and light glowed. Strange markings appeared and then rose a firey kight with a big sword. It's eyes glowed yellow and it stood there. People started screaming and Sazh said "What my brand is back!" People ran away and a soldiers came out of no where and pointed their guns at Sazh, Vanille and me. "Get down la'cie!" A soldier said through his microphone voice. "I'm getting too old for this you know. All I want is a break!" Sazh said and like the Eidolon sensed his feelings it grabbed the three of us and turned into a sweet hot ride. Not kidding it was hot. Sazh then flored it and the car drove through the small wall of soldiers. Some moved out of the way. Others ran and shot at a farther distance. Sazh then said "We're not the bad guys! Thanks for your thank you for me helping saving Cocoon!" He drove out of the chocobo pens and drove to who knows where. "Where are we going?!" Vanille asked. "Away from theses guys!" Sazh said. He drove on the freeway with other cars. People saw that it was a Eidolon so they all left the freeway or crashed into another car. I looked up above and saw planes, robots, and other weapons of the military. I looked at a holographic screen and it showed the car. The news woman said "The la'cie are back. One was found at the University of Palumpolom and the other is on the freeway leaving the chocobo pens. After ten years of hidning two of the la'cie have been found. One is in with the PSICOM military the other is being chased and hopefully caught." Vanille covered her head as they shot from above. Sazh swung his hand a light glowed around the car. "What did you do?" I asked him. "Protect. It'll protect us for now but not for long!"
  11. "How are we going to get out of here!?" Vanille yelled. Then a ship flew next to the Eidolon car. A window opened and there was a guy with brown hair, a shawdow like beard. He had a white uniform that looked like the PSICOM's uniform but the yellow lines were blue and the rest was white. He smiled and said "Hey you guys! Need some help?" "Heck yeah we do! Can't you see we're on a high speed chase with practically the entire military of PSICOM?!" Sazh said. "Yeah so get on here!" The guy said. "Oh yeah like you want me just to stop this car, strol into your little ship!?" Sazh said in a angry sarcastic way. "Hey I'm not a jokster here. Calm down man." The guy said. "You want me to calm down!" Sazh said. Vanille then said "Sazh take deep breaths! We'll have your Eidolon extend his sword so we can climb into the ship." Sazh then said "Okay we can do this....we can do this." Then the Eidolon transformed into it's firey knight form and extended it's sword to the ship. I a door opened and there was a PSICOM looking soldier with a helmet but his uniform was like the other guy's. He said "Okay come over here." The Eidolon was running really quickly. I took a breath and climbed to it's shoulder and jumped on the sword. Luckly I landed perfectly. Guns started to aim for me. "Oh God!" I said trying to get to the soldier and not fall. The guy reached out his hand and I grabbed it. He helped me on. Then guns fired and the Eidolon turned into is' car form and drove off to the bottom streets. The robots, ships, and more air flying machines with gus followed. The soldeir closed the door and the place was dark except for a green light. The green light came from the bottons and controls. "Lets get back next to the Eidolon Joe." Said the guy. A soldier was at the control and said "Its fast and I can't exactly keep up with its rapid pace." The soldier said. "Then make it exact." Said the guy. "Okay" The soldier said. The microphones in the helmets must be different because their voices sound more clearer. Like you can tell if the voice is high pitched or deep. The ship moved and I looked out the windwow. The small ship doged signs, people, and buildings. Next thing I knew it was next to Sazh's Eidolon. It transformed into it's firey knight form and extened it's sword. The same soldier that got me opened the door. Vanille got on the shoulder and then fast walked to the door. They were shooting at her and cars was under her feet. She jumped in and moved out of the way for Sazh to come. Sazh was about to come onto the sword but then the Eidolon turned into a car and drove did a U-turn to where the PSICOM military that was chsing him. It found an openeing and went passed them. Some of the ships it was easy for it to move but others like the gigantic one took a while to turn. The ones that moves quickly were small car like vehicles. Kinda like the ones from when Hope and Vanille got on. But it's two sides were closed and guns popped from the side. They were about to fire. The ship that I was in was luckly agile. It was back at the side of Sazh's Eidolon. It turned to it's knight form with the sword extended. Sazh took a breath and I could hear him say "Okay left foot, right foot don't fall....." He said over and over. Guns were shot. He then jumped and they barely missed him. He did a sigh and jumped into the ship. The Eidolon looked like it was going to jump in too. It did jump to the ship but markings glowed around it and it was soon gone. Sazh caught a red crystal in mid air and the door closed.
  12. "Sazh your okay!" Vanille said cheerfully. The guy then said time to go to head quarters! Send out news that we arrested th la'cie." The guy said. "Wait! I'm too young to be in prison!" I said with my hands on the side of my forehead. I trembled. Vanille smiled and said "No these guys are th good guys. They help la'cie finish their focus...." The ship drove off to the unknown. They lost the PSICOM ships and weapons. We flew to Cocoon's sky. It turned upside down to dock a even bigger ship. It stopped. and the door opened once again. Soldiers that looked like them were walking around with their guns. We all walked out and I noticed that there was rails. The docking area for the bigger ship was just plain sky with walk ways that hanged from the bottom. I followed the soldiers. Same did Vanille and Sazh
  13. "You guys hungry?" The guy without a helmet asked. "No I just want answers why my brand came back." Sazh said. He looked at Vanille. "I don't know why it disappeared!" She said. "Well you were the one said that it disappeared because we did what we did and all." Sazh said. "I don't know Sazh!" Vanille said. I looked at Sazh more closely and saw a mark on his chest. It was a light purple made out of arrows cluserder together like random numbers but vertically. "So thats a la'cie brand?" I said. "When a la'cie went to crystal sleep two already then yeah." Said the guy. "But I think I might know what happened..." The guy said. "What?" Sazh and Vanille said in unison.
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