Library Acquisition Quiz

Library Acquisition is about helping the library select the best books, at minimum expense and for a maximum benefit. This quiz will help you go through complex issues and concerns.

You know the subject, and this quiz will make you think and be creative, as well. This quiz is for those who like to think and apply the lessons learned so far. Perfect if you are an aspiring librarian.

Created by: MT

  1. Four functions of acquisitions include identifying, ___________, ordering, and receiving
  2. Bibliographic information essential to identify a book includes author, title, publisher, place of publication, ISBN, price and ______.
  3. The process of verifying that the bibliographic information is complete is called _______ ________
  4. _________ _________ refers to an agreement between a library and publisher in which the publisher sends all titles published in a subject to the library.
  5. ________ _________ involves planning a collection in a systematic manner.
  6. _________ is a number that the publisher has assigned to serials.
  7. Book dealer is also called _____ or vendor.
  8. Removing materials from the library is called discarding or _________
  9. Printed materials acquired by a library mostly include journals (serials), monographs, reports and ________
  10. _______ _________ refers to when a library places an order for a particular title and is used for serials and reference materials.
  11. An example of a book selection tool is
  12. Thinking of a Serial Subscription Agency, you can look for
  13. New ISBN has
  14. Pre-order search includes
  15. Books are purchased, whereas, serials are
  16. Thesis, as a type of library item,
  17. An example for periodical frequency, or the duration of its regular publication, is
  18. Approval plan as a term refers to
  19. University Press, is an example of a
  20. A publisher does not normally function as distributor, you need a

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