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I've got to pee on her... Scott Pilgrim moment. xD So, wazzup? *Waiting for an ridiculous answer* Same.. you know I'm eating your mom, right? *Waiting for insult* Ahh, why thank you, *Insert insult here* *Waiting for annoyance* Why, yes... Am I annoying you? *Waiting for a yes* Well, in that case... Avada Kadavra! *Waiting for you to be dead* Now in the comments, you haves to put responses to the *waiting* things. For example: *Waiting for an ridiculous answer*= an answer. Got it? xP

Created by: I Forgot My Name of Hogwarts :3
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  1. Hey!
  2. Whats up?
  3. I'm bored, fixing to make a YouTube video.
  4. Well, yeah, here's some things from my blog.
  5. As from the title, you soon know I'm freaking epic. Anyways, let me introduce myself. My name is Pedophile. And I like little girls.
  6. JUST KIDDING. My name is Keribeth, but you can call me Kirby :3 Or, if your from GTQ, then you can call me Tori. :D
  7. From this awesome blog, you'll learn about my likes, dislikes, intrests, and of course, my obsession of yaois. So read on, my darlings, for I will screw your brain up.
  8. So... Yeah. As you tell by my name, I drink too much koolaid. And right now the koolaid man's mad cause I just drank his children. :3 Koolaid Man: .~.
  9. Me: :3 Harry: ARE YOU STILL GONNA RAPE ME? Me: ... Maybe.
  10. BYE! :D

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