The Tough Dragonball/Z/GT Quiz

Ever wonder what your Dragonball/Z power level is well this quiz will bring it out the higher you score the higher you power level will be so I hope you have watched DBZ before or your power level will be as weak as a farmer's

This will be a start to finish this quiz will start of from questions from the beginning of Dragonball to the end of Dragonball Z so put your Dragonball brains on and take the quiz.

Created by: Aaron
  1. What happens when all 7 dragonballs are together? [This is a REALLY easy one everybody should get this one right]
  2. Which friend did Goku meet first?
  3. What 2 Characters aare the only 2 that can shapeshift?
  4. Who is the first villan that appears on the show?
  5. What was the first wish made on the dragonballs?
  6. What episode does Goku first become a Great Ape in and what's the name of it too?
  7. Who was the only android that was NOT shown in DBZ?
  8. Who was the only Z Fighter who found out in dragonball about Jackie Chun true identity?
  9. In dragonball who did Goku fight off screen?
  10. In the beginning of dragonball other than Goku what other guy did Chi Chi have a crush on?
  11. In the end of dragonball which 4 Characters were stated as the strongest in the world?
  12. In the beginning of DBZ who was stated to be Goku'ss Older Brother?
  13. Who sacrificed them self to save Gohan when Nappa tried to kill him?
  14. How to Goku's power level go from 8000 from when he fought Nappa to 180,000 from when he got to Namek?
  15. Why did Vegeta join forces with Gohan and Krillin?
  16. What form did Frieza spend the least amount in when he was fighting Vegeta,Gohan,Krillin and Piccolo?
  17. What caused Goku to become a SUPER SAIYAN?
  18. What caused Vegeta to become a SUPER SAIYAN?
  19. Why do Android 17 and 18 look so much like real humans?
  20. What is Mr. Satan's Power Level? [This is just a guess question so if you get it wrong I wont take off any points]
  21. How did Majin Buu get so fat?

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