DragonBall Franchise Quiz!

There are alot of DragonBall Quizzes out there, claiming to have the best questions to try and con you out of getting them all right. But this quiz is the first of it's kind.

Are you a DragonBall Whizz? Well you can finally test your knowledge with this truely hardcore DragonBall quiz, full of trick questions, only true enough for the DragonBall fans who respect the franchise.

Created by: Grant Sweeney
  1. How many overall full-blooded Saiyans survived Planet Vegeta's destruction?
  2. How many times does Krillin die throughout the entire series? (this includes all the movies and specials)
  3. Who is the only character to suffer the same fate in every single scenario in many DragonBall timelines?
  4. True or False: King Piccolo produces 5 offsprings.
  5. In the Original timeline in DragonBall, how does Gohan meet his end?
  6. Overall, how many people achieve the form of Super Saiyan? (excluding fusions)
  7. How many of Dr. Gero's Androids do we, as an audience, get to witness? (excluding fusions and transformations)
  8. What does Bulma write on Trunks' time machine in the Future?
  9. Grandpa Gohan, Master Roshi, Korin, Mr. Popo, Kami, King Yemma, King Kai, Elder Kai, and Supreme Kai all trained Goku. True or False?
  10. Who is the Overall Strongest Human Being on Planet Earth? (remembering that Dogs and other anmials are classed as Humans in the world of DragonBall)

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