What do you know about Nationality Law?

Given the recent "controversies" about our incoming President, I wondered what people actually know about US Nationality Law. It's admittedly a tricky and complex subject, and I had my nose in my books for each question.

Remember, this is as general a quiz as I could make it- with as little trans-fatty, creamy nuance as I could manage. I tried to stay far away from exceptions to exceptions to rules. And I tried to be accurate. Tried...tried.

Created by: migraconnachos
  1. The child of a US Navy officer is born in Panama. Is the child eligible for US Presidency?
  2. Nelson is born to an Englishwoman following the Second World War. His father was a 19 year old US soldier. Is he eligible for the US Presidency?
  3. Sung is a young girl who is arriving in St, Louis to meet her adopted family for the first time. Is Sung eligible for the US Presidency.
  4. The wife of the Swedish Ambassador to the US gives birth to a son at a Washington, DC area hospital. Is the child a citizen?
  5. A Guatemalan citizen crosses the border illegally and gives birth to a girl shortly thereafter. Is the child eligible for the US presidency?
  6. A child is born in Puerto Rico. By the time the child reaches adulthood, Puerto Rico has been granted statehood. Is the child eligible for US Presidency?
  7. The US Ambassador to Japan is at his residence in Tokyo when his wife goes into labor. Is the child eligible for the US Presidency.
  8. A child is born to an unwed US citizen mother while in Africa. The father is not a US citizen. Is the child eligible for the US Presidency?
  9. A 19 year old married American couple drive from Buffalo to Toronto for some Christmas shopping. During the trip, the wife gives birth. Is the child eligible for the US Presidency.
  10. The child of an immigrant couple is born...

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Nationality Law?