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  • Most of the quiz is misleading, in its "eligible for Pres" or "US citizen" split. All naturally born citizens (except those subject to foreign jurisdiction as are diplomats, business travellers and visitors) are "eligible" for the Presidency as well as being US citizens. Only naturalized citizens are prohibited from the presidency. Also, the date of birth determines both eligibility for Pres and citizenship for those born abroad to one US citizen. Between Dec 24 1952-1986, you could be born abroad and be a citizen and eligible for the Pres if mother or father is natural citizen at time of birth of child, lived in US for at least 5 yrs after the age of 14 and there is 1 more I can't remember. I think unfortunately that Obama qualifies under the law as it existed between 52 and 86. Sorry-you'll have to find better less obscure and more definite reasons to "disqualify" him.


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