Last of us:Knowledge quiz

Test your knowledge and skills in this quiz about the Last of us.Its a fantastic game and everyone has to play it.But if you think you are a veteran and can handle a quiz about it,look no further to put your skills to the test.

Are you a Last of us master.Do you have the knowledge and experience to qualify for that. title.Now you can find out in just a few minutes with this quiz.

Created by: Jaden

  1. What is Joels daughter's name
  2. Where is Joel situated at the prolouge of the game
  3. Joel has a special sense that allows him to track things what move or make sounds,what is it called
  4. How many stages of infection are there
  5. What is the name of the bar what Joel and Ellie stumble upon what resembles the bar fight scene from Uncharted 4
  6. What is special about Ellie
  7. The infected die out but the infection still spreads on
  8. What was Joel's occupation before the outbreak
  9. Sarah and/or Joel sometimes played video games
  10. Who are the enemies what attack Tommy's dam
  11. Clickers ONLY appear in Last of us and no other video games
  12. The infecteds greatest weakness is.......

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