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Welcome to the Beginning of my own StarCraft Brood War Quiz! This will test your knowledge of the Campaign,Skills in the game,and some common Knowledge in the game.

Are you up to the Challenge! Test how much you know, then you will see your score. So get ready becuase the quiz is just you and the questions.NO cheating!

Created by: monkey0box

  1. Let's start easy. Which of these character's exist?
  2. How did Stukov die?
  3. Which weapon does a Terran Marine have?
  4. Select the real Terran group
  5. What does a Psi-Emitter do?
  6. What is the name of the 5th mission of the 3rd campaign?
  7. Which of these is a real planet in the StarCraft universe?
  8. What is Micro?
  9. What is Macro?
  10. Which Of these are real races?
  11. Which ranking system is correct in the current version of StarCraft Remastered?
  12. Is StarCraft a electronic sport?
  13. Which of these is A real Protoss tribe
  14. Which Of these is A real Zerg brood?
  15. Has StarCraft been in space?

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