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Are you ready for my sequel to my StarCraft 1 quiz?With similar question's but in a different game.The game is known as StarCraft 2.That contain's 3 expansions.

Dive into the game creators that brought you StarCraft Brood War and WarCraft!Where you will be tested if you know alot about the game called StarCraft 2.NO CHEATING.

Created by: Monkey0box
  1. let's start easy.Is Valerian the son Of Arcturus Mengsk?
  2. What made Kerrigan uninfested?
  3. Is the hyperion orginally Arcturus Mengsk's?
  4. What is the last mission in Wings Of Liberty called?
  5. Why does Kerrigan try to kill Mengsk?
  6. How did Raynor die?
  7. Which one is a another name for Amon?
  8. What does the name Heart of the Swarm mean?
  9. What does the name Wings Of Liberty mean?
  10. Which one is said by Raynor
  11. Which one is a real Terran building?
  12. Does Tychus try to kill Kerrigan?
  13. Does Kerrigan appear in the mission Smash n Grab?
  14. What is The goal in the mission Welcome To the Jungle?
  15. How many mission's exist In StarCraft 2 (all expos)

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