How well do you know your Starcraft units?

Do you think you know which definition belongs to which Starcraft unit? Can you get them all right? Leave all your comments and post all your results!

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  1. (Protoss) An aerial fighter with an anti-gravity ability that lifts ground units into the air.
  2. (Zerg) The basic air offensive unit of the zerg with high movement speed.
  3. (Terran) Exceptionally fast infantry that uses dual pistols, can jet pack up and down ledges and uses explosives vs buildings.
  4. (Protoss) Melee unit with the ability to charge, allowing it to quickly close the distance between itself and an enemy unit.
  5. (Zerg) Zerg spellcaster. Provides ground support and can move while burrowed.
  6. (Terran) This terran vehicle can transform between a walking robot and a spacecraft.
  7. (Protoss) A physically fragile unit with strong psychic abilities.
  8. (Zerg) Massive zerg melee attacker able to deal splash damage with its melee attack.
  9. (Terran) Terran tank that can transform into a stationary 'siege cannon' mode, allowing it to strike targets at a greater range.
  10. And to test your buildings (any race) A defensive structure with a ranged attack effective against ground and air units.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Starcraft units?