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Establish your love for scuba diving by taking our Scuba quiz to test your knowledge about scuba basics, the Science behind diving, scuba skills and more.

Find out from our Aquaviews Scuba quiz where your knowledge of the sport lies and whether you need just a little brushing up on your scuba or a whole refresher course!

Created by: Noreen
  1. Which Scuba Gas Law explains the importance of compensating and balancing air in BCD's when diving as well as why divers are told never to hold their breath while ascending?
  2. Which well known Scuba Agency is responsible for certifying approximately 70% of divers in the United States and approximately 55% of divers worldwide?
  3. When neutrally buoyant, inhaling will cause you to ______ and exhaling will cause you to ______ .
  4. A generally accepted safe ascent rate would be:
  5. Why is a precautionary safety stop at a depth of 15 feet for 3 minutes recommended even on non-decompression dives?
  6. About how deep do you have to dive to get to one atmosphere of pressure(1ATM)?
  7. Nitrogen narcosis ("rapture of the deep" or "martini effect") results from-
  8. What is the Valsalva maneuver?
  9. What causes a wet suit to loose buoyancy at depth?
  10. What causes the bends or DCS?

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