Justin Bieber Trivia!

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Are you a belieber? Many people out there listen to Justin's music and maybe try to follow him on twitter. But is that all that it takes to be a belieber. A beleiber is someone who knows Justin heart to heart.

Are you a belieber? Have you wanted to know this answer before? Well thanks to this Justin Bieber trivia quiz you will find out in just a few moments.

Created by: Breanna Wombles

  1. What month was Justin Bieber born in?
  2. What is Justin Bieber's favorite food?
  3. What is Justin Bieber's favorite TV show?
  4. What is Justin Bieber's two favorite colors?
  5. Is he: Left handed,Right handed, or Both?
  6. What is his favorite number?
  7. Who is his celebrity crush?
  8. What is his favorite pie?
  9. What was his first song?
  10. How much does he love his fans?

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