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Hey everyone welcome to the new series :D this is about Jades/Skye's life 2 years later. I hope you like it, sorry if there's typos in using a phone. Anyway read on!

Hey everyone welcome to the new series :D this is about Jafes/Skye's life 2 years later. I hope you like it, sorry if there's typos I'm using a phone. Anyway read on!

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. "Skye. Skye!, SKYE!" My head bangs on a desk and i wake up. But nobody laughs at me, of course they don't. My name is Jade but around here everyone knows me as Skye, and im the most popular girl in school. Not only am i super popular, i also am dating the hottest guy in school Donny Reed, the star quarterback of the football team. All that magic stuff was 2 years ago but i hardly remember it... Well, not remembering... or trying to forget.
  2. "Skye!" the teacher says again. I look up, "yes?" I ask giving her the best teachers pet smile. Just then the bell rings, I grab my stuff and head out the door before she can talk to me. As I walk out, Max a guy in my math class grabs my arm and pulls me close to him. I look around but the teacher has already left. "Whadya say we go out friday night?"he says, leaning so close his lips are almost touching mine. "Uhh sorry I'm busy" I tell him, ducking under his arm and walking quickly to his locker. I hear him kick the wall and then yell in frustration. There was something weird about him....but I don't know what. I remember the first day I met Eric,thinking he was weird.... I quickly frown and try to erase the image out of my head. I put all my books in my locker and put on a bright smile as I prepare to meet Donny. Sure he's EXTREMELY hot, but he's a jerk. I hope I can handle him today.
  3. I walk up to the football field and see Donny with his arm around a cheerleader and I shake my head in disbelief. "Uh excuse me Donny!" I say. "Yeah babe?" He says cooly. I look at the cheerleader in disgust. "I'm breaking up with you" I tell him. "YOU CANT DO THAT!" he yells. "Watch me" I smirk and walk away. I look back after a couple seconds and just as I expected he's kissing the cheerleader. Ugh. It hurts but I don't care. I'm used to being lied to aren't I?
  4. When I get home I run upstairs to my room, slam the door, and throw my bag on the floor. "Are you ok!?" My mom tells up to me. "I'M FINE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" I yell frustrated. My phone rings and i answer it "Hello?" I ask. "Hey... remember me?" A voice says. I scream and throw my phone st the wall. Oh crap, oh crap,oh crap! That was Garretts voice....My eyes fill up with tears. Maybe I'm dreaming all of this, i should just get a book and go to my bed. I pick mt phone off the floor and then change my mind and throw it at the wall again. I get a warriors cats book and go to bed.
  5. I wake up in the morning and look at the clock. 11:42am. Crap I'm late! I run to the bathroom to get dressed. I wear a black sparkly tank top, skinny jeans, and black boots. I put on a silver necklace, grab my things and run downstairs. Dad is sitting at the table eating cereal. "Dad can you drive me to school?" I ask. He grunts and then gets his car keys. On the way to school I think about yesterday and soon were at school. "Love you" dad says. I nod and run inside. I crash into someone and books go everywhere. "Omg I'm so sorry!" I say looking up. It's a guy with brown hair and green eyes and he's really muscular and cute. "It's okay it was mostly my fault" he says with a smile. I look down and we both reach for a book at the same time. I blush as our hands touch,but then I quickly pull my hand away. "So uh what's your name?" he asks me. I hesitate, "It's umm Skye.." I tell him. He must have known I was kinda lying because he leans a little closer and asks "What's your REAL name?". "It's Jade" I say. He smiles "that's a beautiful name" he tells me. I blush, and we finish picking up the books. "Are you new here?" I ask him. "Yep" he says with a shy smile. Just then the bell rings and I quickly get up. "I gotta get to class, See ya later new guy!" I say and I turn around and head towards my class. That new guy.... He makes me feel special and he makes my heart flutter.... Oh no, am I falling in love?
  6. I walk into math class and see new guy sitting in the chair next to mine. I take a deep breath and sit down. "hey new guy" I whisper "Hey" he says and grins. "I didn't know you were in my class" I tell him. "That's because I'm MYSTERY man!" he says and we both try not to burst out laughing. Mystery man was a dumb tv show that toddlers watch and him bringing it up was hilarious. I look over, he winks at me and I blush.I notice Donny staring at us and I try to ignore him. "Hey do you wanna come over to my house after school? Since we're in the same class we could work on homework" new guy asks. I smile, "Yeah that would be awesome new guy!" I say. "Jason" he says. "What?" I say confused. "My name is Jason" he tells me. "Ohhhh, I still like calling you new guy But Jason is a cute.. I mean COOL name" I tell him nervously. "Aww you like me" he says half joking. I blush a little and stare at my desk. "Get over your self" I tell him, and he laughs. We stop talking when class starts and I try to ignore icy stares from Donny. Class ends soon and I get my stuff. "Ready?" Jason asks. "Yep!" I say. We smile at each other and then go outside and head towards his house.
  7. That's all for this part! sorry it took so long for me to make it, I've been busy.
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  10. Bye guys!! I hoped you liked it!

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