Just Another Love Story... Part 5

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Hi there, fans. I know I have no fans, but still. Well, this is the last part of my quiz series. No, it's not finished, it's just that, after looking back at all the parts, I see know that I should've planned out the story.

Yes, I never planned anything out, ever. After getting some new ideas, I just felt like this whole thing was stupid. I'm going to start new, but not for a few more months. So... just forgot you ever took this quiz series, okay?

Created by: Dark_Vampire101
  1. So okay. AGAIN you are locked in your room, and AGAIN you are left to process a lot of information. You lie down on the bed and close your eyes and try to make sense of what the boys told you and calm your excitement. Then, you start to feel like you are being watched.
  2. You open your eyes and sit up. There, at the foot of your bed, is a boy, about your age. (By the way, you're sixteen) He's kinda weird looking, you think, with his stunning but creepy yellow eyes and silvery hair. He looks kind of scary, but you feel attracted to him, somehow. His eyes look sort of like slits and he's smiling.
  3. "Hello there." The boy says. His voice sounds smooth and oily. "I'm Odysseus." "Wasn't that some Greek hero or something..?" You hear yourself say. "I don't know, maybe!" Odysseus laughs as he sits down next to you. You nod, feeling a bit drowsy. Its strange. When your around this dude, you feel a bit sub-concious. And your head is starting to hurt a little.
  4. For some reason, Odysseus laughs at your reaction. "Oh, you are SO cute!" He laughs. You lean on him, still feeling all weird. "Odysseus.." You mutter. Your head is really pounding now, and your muscles feel all tightened up. You moan, thinking that you've never felt more pain than this. You can't move and its getting to be hard to breathe. You feel yourself drifting off.
  5. Suddenly, you hear the door burst open. "ODYSSEUS!" You hear Dane's voice shout. "GET OUT OF HERE!!" You open your eyes to see the boys standing there, looking very, very, very angry. You hear Odysseus hiss at them. Then he looks at them closely and groans.Then Odysseus suddenly bursts into flames, charing the bed sheets. You instantly start to feel better. The boys all rush over to you, and hug you really tight. When they let go, they look close to crying. "What happened?" Varik asks.
  6. You tell them everything. About Odysseus appearing out of nowhere, about how creepy he was, and how weird you felt around him. The boys nod, as if they completely understood. But then, you see some thing at the corner of your eye. In a far corner of the room, you notice a girl standing there. She's about nine, with big, yellow eyes and silvery hair that is pulled back into a braid. She's smiling a triumphant smile. You freeze up.
  7. Felix looks over to the girl and laughs. "______, this is Evangeline. She's going to be helping you through your training... and be a friend." Evangeline grins even harder, her creepy yellow eyes glinting. "Ummmm... hello." You squeek, still a bit terrified. "Hi there!" She giggles. Her voice sounds nothing like Odysseus's; it sounds high and fun, like she loves to laugh. "Why do you look so much like Odysseus?" You blurt out. Right after the words leave your mouth, Evangeline's big eyes narrow into little slits, much like Odysseus's. Her mouth that was previously set in a huge, everlasting smile scowled.
  8. "Because." Evangeline retorts. "I'm, unfortunately, his youger sister. But i'm nothing like him!" You look at the Caldre, Felix, Dane, and Varik. "Odysseus is evil, _____." Varik explains. "His name even MEANS something like 'Full of wrath.' He's on the other side. The dark side. Evangeline's on our side. The... good side. She means you no harm. But Odysseus--that horrible person--was trying to kill you."
  9. "Why was he trying to kill me?" You ask. "How was he doing it? Why... why did he stop?" "a) It's because he's one of THEM." Varik answers. "b) He can kill someone by just standing next to them. And c)Because Evangeline here was... here."
  10. "Huh?" You say. "'Huh' is not a word." Caldre corrects as-a-matter-of-factly. The others glare at him. "My apologies." He whispers. "Well, ______, as Evangeline is Odysseus's younger sister, Odysseus feels very attached to her. So he can not bear to hurt you in her presense. Also, Evangeline has powers rivaling her brother's. She can burn him just by willing. And we can never hurt Odysseus, because the only way to kill him is by stabbing him through the heart. We can never do such a thing, even though we'd fancy to."
  11. Okay. The quiz is over. This is not a cliffhanger.
  12. Bye now!

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