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Yess, yess. This is my third quiz series. I just keep getting new ideas. I want to continue my first series; 'Love Story', but Im stuck. Sorry for anyone who really likes that series. If you'd like me to continue with all of these, leave comments for ideas. Thanks! -Remy. ;)

Cade - He has blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. Sweet, protective. (BASED OFF OF REAL GUY!) Vampire. Drew - Blonde hair (like Chris Brochu's hair) and soft almond colored eyes. Kind, shy. Vampire. The Chris - Skater brown hair and cold blue eyes. Mean, but loves Grace. Werewolf.

Created by: RemysFault

  1. My name is Grace Hunt. I have long black curly hair with some blonde highlights here and there. My eyes are a bright, vivid green. I found out a power of mine - I could explode things. It really freaked me out at first.. I thought I was gonna die, or something. I cried the time I couldn't get it all under control and I blew up half the school. Its Summer now, though. I've been locking myself up in my room and practicing in my closet. Its really hard sleeping with my hands because I cant seem to control it. I've considered going to see some kind of docter, but I really dont want people literally picking at me.
  2. I was sitting in my room the day it happened... practicing. I was fnished for the day. My hands were throbbing and I layed back on my bed, putting in my earphones and turning on my iPod. I scrolled down the list and stopped at 'Love Like Woe' by The Ready Set. (If you can, use it as background music for this quiz.. I am XD..) Then, I heard a crashing and a few curses downstairs in the kitchen. See, I was home alone, and in New York City, thats not smart. But, this side of town rarely gets hit with robberys and stuff. The alarm wasn't even on, I forgot to turn it on. Mom wont be back until next week... She was on some business trip with my stepdad, Jack. He's nice.. to Mom, but to me, he was all grr. Now, I slowly got up, grabbing the metal rod I keep under my bed and carefully opened the door. I creeped down the stairs and slowly, but carefully opened the door. There was a male figure in front of me. I couln't see his face, but I knew his face was turned to me. "Grace.." He spoke. I was shocked. He knew my name? "Um.." I took a swung at his head but he ducked, somehow knowing I would do that. "Dont-" He managed to say before I took another swing at him, this time at his stomach. All of a sudden, I couldn't see him anymore. "Um.." I said again. I felt a breeze and looked down at my hands.. empty. I looked to were the boy was standing, the other side of the room. I raised my hands but I suddenly felt paralyzed. I couln't.. thats when I blacked out.
  3. I woke up to voices. I could hear them from downstairs. They were yelling. I opened my eyes and saw a boy, about my age, with blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. I make some kind of noise and attracts the blonde's attention. "Grace... your awake.* He beams down at me, his eyes glistening. "Um... I dont know you?" I say to his face. He chuckles, backing up and sitting back down in the chair that sits next to the bed. "Oh, Im sorry. Im Cade." He smiles again. That smile.. it warms my heart. "Im sorry, why am I here?" I ask him, really getting freaked out. There were so many questions I want to ask. But I dicided to start with one. "You are here because... you found out about your power, right?" I nodded. "Yea, well, we're here to properly traine you." I half nod, "Um..?" I say. This isn't exactly the imformation I was going for. "I mean, why, literally, am I here?" I ask again. "Because of your power, Grace. You are so powerful and you need us to help. It's confusing, but I cant really say anything to you until the end. Alright?" The end? "Alright." I say, uneasily. He nods and walks out of the room. The yelling started back up again. " here! It's only a matter of time before she dies!" I heard a voice say. "Shhhh! She's awake! God, be louder, please." I hear Cade's voice say, then another saying, "It won't matter! She'll die, so we'll have nothing again! Just like Hannah said!" "Hannah doesn't know anything! She was playing us, remember?! She made you fall in love, so she'll get to Gracie." Gracie? How'd they know I'm called that? I wondered. This was really making no sense. I got out of bed and crepted down the stairs. I saw three boys standing, yelling at each other. One was Cade, I knew that, and the other two; one had blonde hair (like Chris Brochu's hair) and almond colored eyes. The other one had brown skater hair (completely sexy) and cold blue eyes. After a few minutes of listening to all of this yelling, I showed myself by walking into the room. They all stoped immeditally. The brown haired boy looked angry. "Grace." He said. "Grace Ann Hunt. Great to see you." He said, obviously sarcastic.
  4. "H-hello." I replied to him. "Ughh. You know what? You think your perfect, don't you?! You think you can just come into our lives and change everything! You think that you can walk into a room and expect every guy in there to fall in love with you!" He yelled. He pointed to me. "Thats not whats happening here. You'll die and it wont matter." He yelled one last time and marched out of the room. 'Don't cry, don't cry..' I thought to myself. But it didn't work. I cryed and saw the brown haired boy watching me from the dark hallway. His face almost sad, before turning away. Cade and the other blonde hugged me tight. I really don't know what is going on here now.
  5. After that little scene, the three of us sat down at the kitchen table. The blonde boy introduced himself has Drew. And, I knew that Cade was Cade. The brown haired boy's name is Chris. "So, are you guy's, like, special?" I asked them, and watched them glance at eachother. "Well," Drew started. "Me and Cade are Vampire's." I was speechless. "And, well, Chris is... a Werewolf." Drew said. "Um. Wow. I didn't see that coming. Why is Chris the only Werewolf?" I asked, and then Cade said, "Well, Chris never used to be the only Werewolf. There was another guy that was the same as him - Jake. But he, um, died." I nodded. I heard the kitchen door open and then slam closed. "Eew. Your here." I heard Chris say. "Thanks. Really." I said sarcastically. "Whatever." He was acting like a girl! Dont girls do the 'Whatever' move? Or am I just pshyco? "Pshyco." Chris said. "You... can read my mind?" Chris snorted. "Um, yea. You didn't know that?" He asked me. I turned around to face him. "No. I actually didn't know that." I said coolly. "Right, ok. I'll go with it." He said, walking to the fridge. I was angry now. I felt a tingly feeling in my hand. I raised my hand and shot at Chris. The explosion was huge. The whole fridge was gone. Chris was alive, thankfully. He was staring at me in horror. "If you do anything or SAY anything that hurts me, you wont live to know who I am." I said, and walked out of the room.
  6. I walked up to my room, and I couln't cry. It all seemed to surreal. This Vampire and Werewolf stuff. Then me trying to blow up Chris. Then, I heard a knock on the door. "Gracie?" Chris's voice. "Go. Away." I really hated how that came out. Weak. Im not weak, Im just.. "Unlock the door, dammit." He said. "No." "Fine." There was a few seconds of silence, then my door bursted open. I stared in horror. "...the hell?!?!" I said. He rolled his eyes and sat in a chair. "Look, Im sorry." I snorted. "Anyways, it's just hard for me to..." He looked out the window. (My neck is hurting...) "Hard for you to what?" I asked. "Nothing. Just, good night." He said, getting up and starting for the door. And before I knew it, I was up and running after him. "Chris..." I said quietly. He turned around and face me. "I hate you, Grace Hunt. Dont you ever talk to me." He said, and then left the room. I stood there for a couple of seconds. I eventually walked back to my bed and fell into it. Then, I started to cry. Chris is making this hard, I dont get it. I cryed and cryed until I feel asleep. I didn't dream, just slept.
  7. I awoke to screaming and growls. I got up and ran down to Chris's room. "...Chris! Just.. just CALM DOWN!" I peered my head into the room and saw a wolf. Or.. Werewolf, actually. I knew it had to be Chris. For a few reasons: one - it had Chris's icy blue eyes, and two - Drew and Cade were yelling 'Chris!' at it. The Were was panting and had it's tongue out like it was thirsty. Then, just like that, the Werewolf went back to being Chris and I was breathing. Chris glnaced at the door and I ducked my head out. "Im.. sorry." I heard Chris say. "Dude, just stop acting like you hate her, okay?" Cade said. "I.. I dont know." Chris said. "You know know? Seriously? You'll admit to US the you love her, but you'll say to her that you hate her. Make enough sence." Cade verified. Drew coughed. "That doesn't make any sence." I said, walking into the room. "Fuk." Chris said. CLIFFHANGER. :3
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