Complicated IV Infusions? Read this!

Everyday there are millions of people given an IV line for certain reasons. Most of these people don't have any idea of the complications that might occur during the presence of IV lines connected to their system. So here are some questions to test if you know about these complications.

Complicated IV Infusion? Are you aware of its signs? Do you know what to do when these following complications occur? Find out if you know a lot about it by taking this test! Good Luck!

Created by: Kristen

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  1. Nurse Nina noticed that her patient's IV site is swelling, skin's temperature is cold at needle site and she noted the presence of pallor. When she checked the regulation, she realized that the flow decreased. The following are signs of what IV Infusion complication?
  2. After confirming that her patient is experiencing infiltration, what should you expect Nurse Nina to do?
  3. Nurse Amor knows that his patient is experiencing Drug Overload, an IV Infusion complication wherein the patient receives an excessive amount of containing drugs when he see his patient experiencing:
  4. During Circulatory Overload, what is the nursing intervention to be done?
  5. This condition is due to overuse of vein, irritating solutions or drugs, clot formation, or large bore catheters.
  6. These are the things to be assessed when the patient is suffering from Superficial Thrombophlebitis.
  7. When avoiding the occurrence of Air embolism in clients with IV lines, what should be done?
  8. Cyanosis, tachycardia, loss of consciousness are observed signs of Air Embolism. What is air embolism?
  9. What may result to the presence of Nerve Damage?
  10. Which of the following interventions for Nerve Damage is not correct?

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