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  • 27% Mary sue huh? That's kinda disappointing, but I ain't gonna shoot the messenger. In case anyone is curious, here is a basic rundown of the MCYT OC I used for this quiz:

    Name - Cherry Hoglidite.
    Age - 21.
    Pronouns - She/Her.
    Species - Half Piglin Half human.

    Personality - Witty and tough on the outside, sensitive and in need of love and acceptance on the inside.

    "Powers"(I say that cuz normal humans don't have these things, they're specific to her species) - Knockback fists, sensitive hearing, the ability to speak to pigs, piglins, and hoglin beasts.

    Origin - Nether.

    Family - Pietron Hoglidite(Father, deceased) Unknown mother.

    Allies - Technoblade, Phillza, Ranboo, Phoebe, and Nikki.

    Backstory - Her human mother died during the birthing process so her piglin father had to raise her in the nether, teaching her to steel from the bastion so they could survive since he wasn't respected enough to get a job cuz he took a human wife. He took his anger out on her a lot, and she has a few scars to prove it. One day she took too much and accidently dropped a gold nugget, alerting the guards, they took her father's life because he was held responsible for her actions. She carried on a pretty much raised herself in the harsh environment. Eventually she was old enough to be recognized as a wanted criminal, she saw something she had never seen before, a portal, and she leaps into it in hopes it would help her get away from the guards and ends up in the overworld. There she starts rummaging through a cabin she finds and it turns out to belong to Technoblade. They fight for a bit but eventually agree that if she helps out around the house and mines and becomes his loyal battle partner, she can stay as long as she needs too. Eventually she joins the Syndicate and becomes close friends with Techno, she develops a crush on him but I'm leaving it up to the fans and the actual person behind the Techno character to decide whether they should be a couple or not.

  • Ok, I got 19% for my OC Mira. I've been worrying if she was a Mary Sue or not because she can Manipulate water with her voice and she is a half Loch ness. Because of this, she's locked up in an unknown market, where they constantly remove her scales and sell them to keep the market thriving. Just a quick FYI, no, she is not the protagonist, she is the deuteragonist.

    • That actually sounds really cool :D

  • I did this test for ny oc Lennon and got 21%. If I'm fully honest I don't see them as a Mary Sue, they are non-binary and go by they/them pronouns. They were born with dirty blonde hair but dyed it green after getting a buzz cut. For the mental disorder question they have dyslexia and PTSD (the PTSD is from their younger sister being abused), They get severely bullied but somehow always seem to see the positive side of everything. They're 14 and completely 100% a human. They have teal eyes although they is blind in one because of a scar caused by their abusive father makin it turn white (Idk its my logic). They don't actually fall in love but another one of my ocs has a tiny crush on them. They don't like her back though. Their family is pretty accepting when it comes to them being nonbinary (accept from their Dad but thats a story for another time.) They are kinda average when it comes to weight although they are a bit taller then some of my other ocs.

    • Omg I meant my at the start

  • 25%- I wasn't expecting this with my character, Aroura, simply because of the fact that she's 320 years old. Not to mention that she's a fairy (A reimagined fairy, mind you. Very different from the mainstream type, imo.) and her whole race relies on powerful bard-like magic. And, needless to say, after 320 years you're gonna have some bad stuff happen, a lot of love interests, and a ton of reflection on your personality. I mean, she IS pretty aggressive, petty, and essentially an alcoholic (kind of? her fae-blood keeps her pretty sober, but she hates using magic and as long as she's slightly intoxicated she can't use it.), so I guess those flaws brought her score down, but I'm still shocked.

    Anyway, to make a long story short I was expecting 50% at least and was pleasantly surprised when I got 25%. And truth be told, I used Aroura specifically because I wanted to get the highest score possible while remaining honest about my characters.

    Well, that means only one thing! I'm going to quiz with them all until we have an answer!

    • immortal storm spirit who was the head royal guard but got exiled because he broke the #1 rule while trying to find a traitor? 19%

      young dragon raised on a human-run reserve who had his family killed off by dragon hunters? 17%

      Ghost of a human who was burned for learning to use magic? 16%

      a racist elf who runs a tavern and got exiled from her group for murder? 10%

      In short, I think my main cast, AKA a drunk DnD party, is fine. But I'm also a little worried about how they kept getting lower and lower with each one. Oh well, I'm sure it's fine.

  • My character feels like the cliche Mary Sue, so I was surprised she only got 18%.

    Her name is Jaci (pronounced like Jackie). She's fourteen years old, lives with her parents, and owns two dogs, Goldie and Cocoa. (They're named after their coat colors) Her hair is a light brown and her eyes are emerald green, so she''s not that far of in the appearance department other that unusually bright eyes.

    Her grandmother was a jeweler who loved to collect crystal figurines. One day when Jaci was visiting he grandmother, a brutal car accident occurred. Her grandmother sadly passed away in it. Jaci fell into a depression. She had loved her grandmother so much, and she felt like it was her fault because she was the one who suggested they drive to the ice cream parlor instead of walking. Jaci's family inherited her grandmother's collection of crystal figurines. Most of them are kept in a large wooden cabinet that is locked at all times. However, Jaci keeps one of them in her room. It's a beautiful red figurine of a cardinal. She loves this one specially because she helped pick out this one with her grandmother at the shop (I threw a little symbolism in there; cardinals are symbolic of a deceased loved one being near).

    One day, a relative shows up at her house looking to take one of the figurines. She is known among Jaci's family for being a severe alcoholic who will sell anything to buy more booze. While trying to shove Jaci out of the way, she accidentally knocks over her cardinal figurine. It hts the ground and shatters. Jaci is furious. This is where she learns she has the power to turn things into crystals/precious gem.

    At first, she is worried everyone will despise her for her power. She runs away and meets a strange creature in the forest, which she quickly befriends.

    I'm still working out some plot holes, pacing issues, and such with my friends, but what do you think? Any ideas/suggestions for me o add? :D

  • I put in one of my most overpowered characters, named Ana, that I honestly thought would be WAY more sue than 32%, which is what I got.

    Shes a white furred canine with pink eyes and her own mini dimension that shes basically the god of. She also hops universes a lot, and knows a lot more than she should. She also breaks the fourth wall a bit. Sounds like a total sue, right?

    I asked a ton of friends for weaknesses, and together, we came up with some pretty good ones. The character is (in my opinion) rather fairly balanced now. There are certain areas where she cant use her abilities, she cant affect herself in her own dimension (ex. No self-healing), and she cant hip dimensions at a whim, its mostly random. Shes also extremely overconfident and believes herself to always be the smartest one in the room, even if this isnt true. Her dimension is also only about the size of an average house. It gets smaller if she becomes injured.

    I think the unexplained phobia of snails is a good de-suefier too lol

    Even if she still sounds like a sue, Id have to type a lot more to explain how her abilities work and all that, and I dont think any of you want to read an essay about an OC you dont know much about, so Ill just leave this here, I guess.

    Tips and thoughts would be appreciated! My discord is Ackubota#5127 if youd like to talk about characters, art, or anything else, or if youd like a better explanation of this character!

    • So she basically has a different power set in her dimension? I like it. Very original way of nerfing a character.

    • This really helped me out because this character is a creepypasta oc and she is with ticci toby but they don't imediatlly love each other at first it's one sided then it's both of them. I heard from a lot of people that I should take this quiz to test my character. and I only got 31% mary sue which isn't that bad but could be better so I will make a couple of changes. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • Hey! I took this quiz about my OC Paisley (she's a bat) and I got 23%. Her 'tragic backstory' is getting abused/cheated on by her ex-boyfriend. Nothing too tragic. I agree, she could use a bit of spicing up. This quiz is helpful and I'll probably be taking it with a few other of my OCs.

  • 10%
    this is nice

    expec ted higher because she has amnesia and is severely obsessed with a main character because that character is very familiar to her.

    and the character she finds familiar finds her familiar too, personality wise.

    And has a tiny soft spot for her.
    but is also mean.

    And is somehow she's that character's apprentice.

    Becaus e it's that characters fault how she got in the story the first place.

    Very very very long story.

  • I got %20-%28, I did it bc I was curious! My character is Kounna okami, shes the daughter of inari okami the Asian goddess. Shes a kitsune and she lives in a camp with other demigods like her, the questions that I think made it so high was 1. She dont have a remarkable singing voice but its decent enough for her to sing to her kids so I was kinda stuck, 2. She didnt die and come back Alive but she was in a coma at one point but i think I answered no and 3. Is being a demigod royalty? I dont think so but idk

  • Vale Sayer is the character I tested out at 16% a Mary Sue, which I think is rather impressive for my Level 14 age. His story is that he was born in London, England in the 18th-19th century, and had a normal childhood, but when he was 19, he was accused of murder and was executed for a murder he didnt commit. The name Vale Sayer is an alias, and he is referred to with many other names, but he is a thief with a bounty on his head the fake names are necessary to keep himself out of prison, as he has negative connotations of prisons, jails, and the cops (which in the afterlifes are called the Badges, which is headed by seven people who control all of the afterlifes government called the Council), because of his past.

    He does have one illness, which in this world is called "corruption', which essentially causes a soul's body to slowly deteriorate, which is a big part of his character, as I imagine that growing up, he worked as some construction worker/farmhand, and he is supposed to act as the muscle or semi-powerhouse of the main 6, so him having an illness that would weaken him is a good negative trait or setback in my eyes. The only real supernatural trait about him is the mark around his neck that he received as a kind of like a branding from his hanging, and his eyes, which are a kind of pale green caused by the effects of the afterlife, and his corruption combined, as his eyes before death were hazel, but going to the afterlife turned them dark green, and when he got corrupted the color sort of drained from his eyes.

    He also is sort of the groups older brother figure, being one of the first members of a small ragtag group of thieves which consists of the other members of the main 6. Together they go around, stealing and scamming their way through the afterlife to put food in front of them, all while being chased around the nation by the badges. There is more to the story than just stealing, as Gods and Goddesses exist, but since Im planning on making this into

  • I got 14%. The OC I used here is Rhinestone (One I came up with yesterday lol):

    Appearance: She is a humanoid figure made of stone and gemstones. She can create anything out of gemstones with her power, and creates her clothes depending on the occasion. Her head floats and is diamond-shaped with a chip in the corner. Her body is light lavender.

    Age: 23 Years old
    Love life: Nobody-

    Personality: Chill, fun, kind, caring, can be overly attached

    Catchphrase: "We'll meet when rain is falling, like rhinestones from the sky!"

    Powers: Geokinisis (Limited by how large the object being moved is), invincibility (Due to her being made out of gems and stone), summoning (Limited by how large the object being summoned is)

    • the quality of the character majorly depends on what you're planning to use them for. sounds like this is just a fun train of thought inspired by my favourite gorillaz song lol

      but if you want actual in-depth honest feedback for a character you need to be interesting bc you're planning to use it for something (like a project); hmu :)

  • My character Blaise MacKay got a 26%. I didnt expect him to get a quarter score. He is an elf from a fantasy world Ive created, and he has heat magic abilities (which get more powerful as the climax approaches).

    Hes 17, and has brown hair with orange eyes (Thats normal among elves.) He has a pretty normal appearance other than that.

    • Id rate him about a 5% Garry-stu. Unless his personality is an all-knowing, loved by all handsome dude with zero flaws, he seems like a character with a lot of potential, without being an awful protagonist.

  • My OC is 15% marysue according to this test but this was a confusing test because he is a alien a lazy one and he excuses himself for it because his mom pushed him to his limits in education when he was little he is intelligent with education but lazy and i used this to drive the plot forward he landed on earth and got stuck there and meets other aliens no one hates him but 't got to know him no one likes him either they hadnt he tries to create communicator to tell other aliens he was stuck. he was in a trio of aliens who were nice enough to take him in and he hid with them and they got to know each other and became friend he has a slite crush on one of them whos past is unknown she can be a little obnoxious at times but she is pretty and was slowly opening up until my OC messed up and and got mad I know its bland I'm still working on giving them personality

  • HUH. I got a 17%.

    My OC is a college student named Rhodes Bramwell (red hair, blue eyes), that was rushing to finish the most important essay of the year (she couldn't graduate without it) but ended up running out of time. With only an hour to the deadline, she's confused, delirious and slightly insane. She finds a random business carded (gifted to her by her deceased great aunt, Hettie) that says "More Time! We can all use a little more time. Call [a phone number] to receive more time!" She dials the number ("What's the worse that could happen?") and somewhat to her surprise, a professional-sounding woman answers.

    Rhodes wakes up the next day, her essay turned in and her apartment a mess. She thinks: Well, that phone call must have been a delusion made up by my overworked brain.

    It wasn't.

    While Rhodes is out drinking to celebrate getting an A+ on the exam, she is approached by the professional-sounding woman who introduces herself as Hester Finch.

    Apparently, Rhodes had signed away her freedom for the next eight decades (this time is measured by an hourglass with her name embossed on it) to the Chronos Incorporated (I have no idea what 'incorporated' means; I just didn't know what to name the damn thing), a company that controls time, in the exchange for the ability to stop time. The upside is that while working for the company, she is functionally immortal and can't age. The downsides are that she can't talk to her friends while there and she loses her chronokenises when she leaves the company.

    The story follows her life as a tired bureaucrat and part-time time traveller.

  • Hmm well, I got 22%

    My character is a guy, and yes he has a weird eye colour, a weird hair colour and just a weird style overall- but that's because he's albinos. So that also means he has an incurable disease, although I won't say it's exactly a "disease". More like a particularity.

    His name is Kintsugi which literally translates into "to repair with gold" and it kinda has huge meaning behind it since it comes from how people in ancient Japan used to repair broken pots with gold or silver, making the pot more beautiful once broken. And even though I'd love to, I don't have such a cool name.

    He has a weird power (a power that most people think belong with murderers and thieves) making him an outcast, most people either hate or fear him really. Aaaand he has a dark past, and even though it sounds cliche, well, I really hope it's not-

    basically, the world he lives in is divided between two "species" sort of, except they're both human, and Kintsugi and two other friends were hoping to bring balance between the two species, although everyone rebelled against that bullying them, but I won't go too much in details since it's a pretty massive backstory, but basically his friend is killed by someone he thought was his friend. But Kintsugi figures it out and murders his so called friend as well as all the other people who stood by and did nothing, or who bullied them before.

    This justifying everyone's claims that through his power, he's a bad person. And he just spirals further down, becoming more and more like the stereotype people see in him; until my main character comes in. And helps him out of all this.

    Is it cliched ? I'm really putting as much work as I can in this story, but if my characters are flat well then there's not much I can do.

    All help is grateful <3

  • I got 16% Mary Sue, and I honestly thought it'd be higher.

    Basically, my character is a wolf named Abilene. She's tiny and has a high-pitched voice even though she's 35, and always says it's because of her breed. She's an amazing healer, but also blind. She has special fireflies, their light changes color when it lands on something, so she can see it. The fireflies respond and do what she says. She has no unnatural colors or anything like that. My story involves some other characters, like Dakota and Skull who are German brothers that admire her skill. Natalie and Natalia who are twins, Natalie is really stupid, but Natalia is mute so can't really speak up against the retarded things she says. There's also Starla and Mocha, who aren't really main characters but appear in every other scene since they're her neighbors. Abilene is continuously shipped with Mocha by Starla, and Abilene is always extremely disgusted by it. Mocha is a pup and Abilene looks like a pup so... God, okay. This is too long, lemme just- Bye.

  • I got 31% which I believe is a little bit low for a Mary Sue, My character is named Lucas Rainbow and his a ghost hunter. My story focus on a cast of mythology monsters trying to find a way to co-exist with humans. Anyways, His goal is to find the murder who killed him called Killmore, He take an appearance of an older teenager but is actually around 50 years old. Were nothing alike appearance wise, Lucas has turquoise and Blonde hair, But, When he manifest the devil instead of him, He transformed into his evil persona called Shadow Lucas which has Red eyes and Black hair. Personality however, We got somethings in common. Lucas is a nature-lover, kind,weird, honest, loving, empathic, and brave hunter that loves to go outdoors and adventure. Me and him may not have the same hobbies but we both are kind, smart and empathetic. Lucas does get emotional and easily stress of things. He gets trigger easily if someone disrespect nature, And he make irrational decisions which lead to huge consequences. Lucas will put other characters first before himself, That usually also lead him into more traps, manipulation, and more stress in his journey. However, Lucas is able to put himself at a disadvantage and always find a way to rise against his foes. Then he has some non heroic characteristics such as a tendency of getting revenge. Lucas does have some Mary Sue qualities such as being a role model but it doesnt take him away from being human since he makes a lot of mistakes and then those mistakes into knowledge. And naturally, Everyone has a role model in their life. I hope to see my character grow in the story. Lol

  • 19%. I guess that was good? My character is an alien animal who wants to be human. Nothing can help them because there is no magic. Though they act just like a person most other characters are human. So they don't fall in love with anyone. For the tragic past. They were taken by humans to become a pet over and over. Until, one person saved them.

    Chu Chuu
  • 16%. I honestly expected a bit more.

    My character is a fan character for the Wings Of Fire AU, but a post-apocalyptic version me and a few friends created. Shes 17 and a RainWing-NightWing hybrid. I hate to say this due to backlash, but she isnt exactly unattractive. Shes quite small with mostly black scales, with red, yellow, and blue accents. She was a runaway of the NightWing tribe and just kinda wanders. She has no powers from either tribe and isnt a oh Im the best kind of character. Her personality is quite complicated but she uses a witty, sarcastic, curious personality to hide her truly insecure, anxious, softer side. She has serious trust issues from her past and does make quite an impact in her roleplay story, although she is not at all a main character. What do you think? Ill take any feedback.

    • I re-took the test after making some edits, and got 24%. I think its a bit more accurate but still kinda below my expectations, in a positive and negative way at the same time.

    • I don't mean any offense, though I think Glory has a similar personality. I'm kinda curious, about her whole backstory though, since I'm a fan of that series and I never knew it had AUs.

      Orange WW
  • I did this on my villain character Squirrel, a tall brown cat, with slightly darker stripes. I always thought of his voice/personality based off of the character Toffee from Star Vs the Forces of Evil . I am nothing like Squirrel-yet he got a 23% (which is quite a popular percentage) I am not an anthropomorphic brown cat, note do I wear pullover gray sweaters with white collars, nor am I a male, nor am I responsible for a loved ones death. Squirrel is very witty and calm, I am very dumb and chaotic.

    Also this quiz used the r slur, you know, the one used to make fun of and harass people with autism. I know they dont mean any harm with it, but they really shouldnt have used it anyways.

  • I got a 22%. So my character, Azura, is an awkward lil baby with social anxiety and only a couple close friends (really inspired by my current life situation HUH). Backstory time :) so she had a friend named Pepper, and she acted as her protector against bullies and such. Now, as the years went on, Pepper became much more confident and Azura went in the other way, as family issues developed she felt more and more as if she couldnt say a word at home or else some kind of object would be thrown at her. As a result, she relied more and more on Pepper for emotional support, but some things happen and they get into an argument. A lot of things happen, but long story short Azura ends up killing Pepper. Yeah, not the greatest thing to do when the person you killed is your best friend who is also your only emotional support? So yeah thats all where I have the story so far? I do have another bit planned where Pepper somehow comes back to life (something to do with her being of a species with an ability that grants a second life chance or something) and then a bunch of confusion follows? I have no idea. About her appearance, shes around 14-16, Blue hair with a white streak, One eye is a lighter blue than her hair while another is pure black, like more black than the kind of natural, and shes quite small, wears baggy hoodies and other loose fitting clothing because she only really gets clothes as hand-me-downs from her older brother minus her school uniform which she saved up for herself. Honestly introducing her to strangers has really got me in some inspiration to develop her story, so maybe give me some ideas on what could happen next?

  • 23% and 30%. Ok.

    So the one that got 23% is called Mari, the female protagonist. She lives on earth, which is inhabited by mythical creatures. Humans have harnessed the creatures powers and gave them to human children, causing an era of evolution. Mari is an incredibly, incredibly weak Soul Dragon Mix. She has amnesia, and is living with foster parents and 2 siblings. She is actually an artificially created child, and belongs 100 years back, but was sent to the future to stop the human government from... doing stuff Q-Q. She inherited her mothers Eye of Foresight, in order to stop these series of events that lead to the universe once again being destroyed. But... shes weak and naive as heck and tends to be a mess and extra baggage. Thats why she needs Yuka, the one who scored 30%.

    Yuka is the powerhouse of the two of them. Hes rather mischievous, but more like a hyper child than anything. Mari thinks things through. Yukas tragic past is not certain yet, but it does include his arm being blown apart, fear of loneliness, and a desire for revenge (oooohhh). He is the descendant of royalty and one of his ancestors was good friends with maris mother. His descendant promised maris mother that his family line would protect the future. Boom.

    Im sorry for writing so much, idk why I just typed out half of my unfinished plot, I swear there is way more to this. (Actually, the story is more of a dark brain game). Damn.

    • All I'm confused with is how an artificially made child has a biological mother. Hoping you can explain that part a bit maybe?

      Orange WW
  • Fifteen percent huh, well then.

    My character is an angel-human hybrid. Whos extremely selfish and cruel but but everyone likes her anyway because shes pretty. She dresses very slutty and has had many boyfriends previously. Shes a feminine bad girl in a sense. Her hair is reddish and is brown set up in two ponytails and bangs. As a child, she got raised by her sister because her parents died in a car crash. And her sister really didnt care about her, which is why she is the way she is. Shes about seventeen years old and lives with her best friends. Shes basically a bully but she usually harm the victim more mentally than physically

  • I got 25%. this seems ok though I feel it should be lower. My OC's name is Niq IdenBane. They are a sniper for the Gaster Brothers (MafiaFell). They can shapeshift but since it drains their magic they can only shift up to 5 times every 24 hrs.They had a pretty normal life until their single mother was killed in neutral territory during a shootout between the Dreemurr gang and the Waterfall gang, after they found out they joined the Gaster brothers gang at age 24 and worked up the ranks to sniper. Does this sound good?

    • Also They had taken a vow to kill the leaders of the Dreemurr and Waterfall gangs, because of this they have made enemies with the underbosses, and mob bosses of these gangs, earning themself a spot on their targets list. Their species is a Skeletal Dire Wolf, they are demisexual, and due to their skills as a sniper they have earned the nickname "Angel Of Death".

    • They have a temper which is often used against them in the MafiaFell AU. They have in the past tortured information out of rival gang members, and they have been diagnosed as a Psychopath due to not feeling remorse for killing someone. They will often chose the most gruesome ways of torture, such as Blood Eagle, Swedish Drink, Bamboo torture, and the use of the Judas Cradle. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE A WEAK STOMACH, DO NOT LOOK THOSE UP, FAIR WARNING THE INFORMATION IS NOT PRETTY!!!!

  • I took the quiz for my OC Acacia. She was stolen at the age of 2 and taken into a royal family (stay with me here). She has an incredible memory and remebers bits of her past through nightmares. She doesn't like to talk because she has a raspy voice. Anyway, Acacia doesn't look too out there. She has long, black hair and dark blue eyes. I'm surprised she only got 24% because I thought she would get more from the "kidnapped and taken into royalty" bit.


Thank you for your interest in!

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