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Ahhh well, don't lie I know most of you just took this because it was in new quizzes but either way, I appreciate your opinion. You guys are awesome.

I love GTQ, because everyone is so nice and I always feel so popular when like 1 person takes my quiz, and I don't get judged for that.((: seriously, I love you all.

Created by: ilyvolleyball

  1. Hey, its ilyvolleyball. I'm a somewhat new User of gotoquiz. I have 2 quiz series out, Demigod Love Story and s(HE) be(LIE)he(D). I will be starting a new quiz series, a Vampire Academy Love series.
  2. The matter of business I'm here to attend is my Demigod Love Story quizzes. Ive gotten up to part 6, but when I posted part 6, it was very much time after part 5, again I'm so sorry about that. This quiz is just as enjoyable as any to write, but I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed if I have 3 quiz series while I'm so new. So, ive decided I may stop writing them.
  3. To the fans of my demigod quizzes, I'm very sorry but noone has taken part 6 and I'm not sure if people forgot about it, or just don't care. Im not a famous gtq User but people usually take my quizzes.
  4. So here's the deal. If at least 15 people take the quiz, or. A fan is very persistent for me to continue writing it, I will.
  5. In other news, I was I. The middle of making part 2 of s(HE) be(LIE)ve(D) when I made this so keep your eyes open for that over the weekend. I want to thank any and all of my fans, I know I don't have many so thank you(:
  6. Now, onto my Vampire Academy quiz. Vampire Academy is an amazing 6 book series by Richelle Mead. She is amazing and it is a favorite series of mine. In my quiz you will be another moroi at St. Vladimirs, a school for young vampires. I will not be excluding Lissa and Rose, but their love lives will no longer exist as their interests are now yours as well. I will follow the storyline of the books because they're amazing. ((:
  7. That's about it((: so thanks so much, even if you just took this quiz because it was in new quizzes. I hope you find interest in taking my other quizzes, thank you!
  8. So, yeah I still have to fill up this whole quiz... What's your favorite TV show??((: because! I care guys. I care.
  9. Favorite... Song!
  10. See how loving I am? I could always just say: the rest doesn't matter. And make all the answers:
  11. Okeeez baiii!

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