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  • Your Result: Teddy Bear

    D'awww! If you were a toy, you would definitely be a teddy bear. All soft and huggable and... and... teddy bear-like. If you've ever been referred to as a "bear," don't get offended, it just means they like you. Unless they really, really don't. Then you can get offended. Then you can bash their skull in with your bare paws (get it?). You're very sweet, empathetic, easy to love, and you're a great friend, but everyone has a temper. You just happen to be a teddy bear with a temper.

  • "If You Were a Toy...
    Your Result: Matches >:D

    "Yes, mother, these ARE a toy, and I WILL play with them." Ever said that, or at least thought about saying it? You're extremely easy to anger (especially when your head is scraped against something that will make it catch fire) and your short fuse is shorter than everybody else's. You're dangerous, bold, and extremely HOT. You can be used as a weapon in two ways: 1, you can go down the classic road and set fire to everything you see; and 2, if you prefer to keep your cool, you can stab people in the eye really hard. Either way, you're a RIOT and everybody wants to be with you... except for the people that don't."


    My friend saw my result and said it described me well XD

  • Crayon,short temper,creative, artistic,fun and smart. All those attributes are so true about me I actually wanna be a cartoonist someday soon and I get aggressive easily. Cool quiz mate.

  • Nice, I'm a crayon! One of the only toys that can still suit its original purpose if broken. :3

  • Yes!! I am a yo-yo!! Bro i LOVE Cage the elephant you rock for having that in there love yat= thanks! :)

  • A ball :)

  • i'm ball.. it was such a fun quiz! thanks :D


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