If i Didn't Know any better... Part 7

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Hey guys! Part seven is here! So, at the end when you reach the results, you'll see I've written a song ( or just the chorus) for each guys feelings. Hope you enjoy, sorry if they suck.

So, I really have nothing to say, just filling up space, so... Lalalala lalalala... Elmo's world.Sunny days. Chasing the clouds away, ( some lyrics I forgot * fast forwards*) can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

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  1. ***Recap*** "Valerie! You look stunning! Doesn't she look stunning, Ethan?" Gloria asked him with a smile, as she slid four plates of sausage, biscuits and gravy onto the counter. "Um.... Uh. S... Sure?" he muttered, turning a deep red as he tried not to embarrass me. Lance quickly covered for him by choking on a piece of sausage, causing Gloria to turn to him. " Hey, sorry about her. She overheard me talking to Aaron this morning and hasn't stayed quiet since." Ethan apologized. "It's fine, dude. I should be the one apologizing. If I hadn't gotten so drunk, we wouldn't be in this situation." I sighed, taking a bite of my food.
  2. Ethan gave me a cute quirky smile, my face burning as I realized maybe I really did like him. I thought last nights emotions were just caused by all of the wine I drank, but now I'm not so sure. " Val? Are you okay?" Aaron asked, waving his hands in front of my face with a worried frown. "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, sorry." I apologized, quickly turning away from Ethan.
  3. " You sure? You're acting really weird." he sighed, gently wrapping an arm around me. "I'm sorry, Aaron. I just have a throbbing headache." I lied, giving his cheek a small kiss. " Ah, poor baby." he flirted, pressing his lips against mine. "Ew, you two. We're trying to eat here!" Lance whined, throwing a pillow at us. "You're just jealous." Aaron laughed, sticking his tongue out teasingly. Lance immediately began to blush, proving Aaron's point. " Haha! Burned!" Ethan laughed hysterically, slapping his leg in amusement.
  4. " Oh how it stings." Lance laughed nervously, trying to break the awkward moment. "You need a kiss to make it all feel better?" Aaron teased, making me slap him upside the head. "Yo, boy. You're supposed to flirt with me and me only." I teased, making him go red in the face. "I don't want no kisses of yours, bro. I'll take one from Valerie though." Lance laughed, giving me a wink. " You guys are so odd." I chuckled softly, giving his arm a small punch.
  5. "Hey, you started it." Lance shrugged. "I started it? You're the guy who nearly spit taked when I walked downstairs." I teased, putting my arms around Aaron's neck. " Well, just being honest here, you came downstairs barely dressed, whaddya expect?" he laughed, looking at Aaron and Ethan who gave nods of agreement. "Oh come on. You all totally like it, so shush." I grumbled, stalking off to the livingroom.
  6. Aaron followed after me, Lance and Ethan following after him. "Cmon, babe. We were just joking around with you!" Aaron insisted, standing behind me with his arms draped loosely around the base of my shoulders. " Yeah, Chicky. We were just teasing you, silly." Lance flirted, giving a wink that made me laugh. "Chicky?" I asked curiously, pasting on a cute smile. "Just ignore him. He'd flirt with a couch if it were a cute color." Ethan said, laughing as he tried to regain composure. "He would, would he?" I asked with a laugh.
  7. "Yeah. One time, he got really drunk, and came over here. My couch in my room, it's a small olive green love seat, anways, so he goes to my room, hops on it, and starts making out with it. He was all like, kissing it and telling it that it was the only one for him." Ethan explained, laughing hysterically as Lance slapped him upside the head. "Don't worry, dude. Valerie did the same thing one time, but with a pillow." Aaron chuckled, dodging my fist as I threw a punch."Valerie! Sheesh, so desperate." Lance laughed, allowing me to punch his shoulder. "Nah, just practicing a technique." I said, giving a playful wink before putting my arms around Aaron. "You can always practice on me." he winked, Aaron arching his brow. "She drools." Ethan teased, making me blush deeply. " I do not, ya jerk." I grumbled, giving Aaron a quick peck on the cheek to show my loyalty to him.
  8. " Man, am i the only guy you HAVEN'T kissed? Am i that cursed?" Lance asked, touching his face playfully. " Oh hush." I murmured, looking at Aaron who looked a bit mad. "Aaron, don't gimme that face. You know I'm just the innocent bystander." I whined, pulling him closer to me with a warm smile that melted his anger away. "I know, I know. Why couldn't you just be really ugly?" he asked, Ethan and Lance giving laughs. " Hey, if you want I can start going around with mounds of makeup piled on so thick it looks like I'm on drugs." I shrugged, his head shaking vigorously. "The only drug your allowed on is my love." he winked, Lance groaning at his awful remark. "Aww, that's so adorably sickening of you." I laughed, giving him a hard shove.
  9. "Ow Val! You trying to break up with me?" he asked, frowning deeply as I stared at him in shock. "Well you seem pretty eager, pal. You got Selena Gomez in your closet or something?" I asked with a small growl, Ethan and Lance both watching in utter shock. "I wish. She'd never go around kissing other guys." he huffed. " REALLY!? HA! THEN YOU GO FIND HER AND TELL HER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER!" I yelled angrily, surprised at how quickly our teasing escalated to a real fight. "FINE!" he yelled back, before coming over and giving me a passionate kiss. "Get off." I growled angrily, shoving him away. "Babe, I was just teasing you." he whined. " Go tease this. We're through!" I huffed, crossing my arms defiantly and walking over to Gloria, who was in the kitchen blushing as I walked in. "I'm sorry." she whispered. I gave a shrug, taking a piece of sausage and stuffing it in my mouth. "Val! Seriously? We're you being serious?," Aaron asked, running in with both guys behind him.
  10. "Yes, Aaron. I meant every word I said. Every single word." I said bluntly, his face darkening as he began to.. Cry? " I'll just be going. I gotta watch my soaps." Gloria said, scurrying off into the living room with a grimace. " Aaron. Don't cry." I insisted, walking over to him and wiping the tears from his eyes. It hurt me to see him so hurt, but it hurt me more to think I might have feelings for another guy. "Come on, Lance.," Ethan insisted, dragging Lance away to the living room, leaving Aaron and me alone together. "Val. I.. You said you'd never leave me." he whispered, burying his head into my hair. "Aaron, I can't help it. My life is so chaotic right now. Losing my mom.... My dad, everything. Aaron, you remind me so much of him. It hurts me so bad to even be around you." I cried, putting my head on his shoulder to cry.
  11. " Why?" he asked, rubbing my back with his soft hands. " You just do! Okay? With every kiss you give me, it makes me feel as if I'm drowning. Like I'm disappointing mom for doing this. Everytime you say you love me, it leaves an aftertaste in my mouth when I say it back. I don't know why, but it hurts me, okay?" I sobbed, his body shaking as he began to sob too. " I'll always love you, even if you don't feel the same, Val. When you need a shoulder to cry on, I'll be here. When you need a good laugh, I'll be your jester. When you need a guy who loves you and wants you so bad, I'll be there." he whispered into my ear, my head spinning as I felt his love radiating off me.
  12. "That's so sweet, Aaron. Maybe someday I'll be ready, but for now, I just need some time. Some time to think things through. Some time to get settled. Some time to figure out where I'm even going. But I promise you, I enjoyed every minute of my time with you and I'll forever cherish it, even if I never get back together with you." I whispered, giving him one last kiss before walking away. "I love you too." he sighed softly.
  13. I walked into the living room, Gloria and the other boys mesmerized by the soap opera on the television set. "I love you, Jason." the brunette on the show sobbed bitterly, the guy beside her tilting her chin up. " I love you too, Loretta, but I'm with Christina, now. If she knew what we had... It'd destroy her." he whispered into her ear, making me feel so sick. The next thing I know, I'm binge watching the show, near tears as Jason tells Christina the truth. " Slap him Christina! Show that cheating b*st*a*d who's boss!" I cried, stuffing my mouth with a spoonful of strawberry swirl ice-cream. " Valerie! Are you okay?" Ethan asked, walking in minutes later to see me bawling with a tub of ice cream in my hands. "I'm fine." I sobbed, pointing at the television. "This stupid shows just getting on my nerves!" I lied, and I could tell he knew I was lying.
  14. Taking a seat beside me on the couch, he stole a handful of ice-cream from me with a small laugh. "Tell me the truth, Valerie. I can see the pain in your eyes." he sighed. " It's really nothing. This whole soap just reminds me of what happened between my mom and dad. But I'm fine, I'll be fine." I assured him. His face going red, he gave a small sigh before leaning in close and....
  15. His lips gently pressing against mine, I could feel the electricity between us. The way sparks flew as we held each other close, the way the room seemed to spin as we pulled away, and I could hear the sincerity in his voice when he whispered into my ear "I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. You are the light in my life and even if you never feel the same, I just wanted to let you know."
  16. "Ethan.. I think... I think I like you back." I whispered, gently pulling myself into his lap, where I layed and fell asleep on, my head pressed against his chest, his arms around my waist. " You move on quick." Aaron said, walking in with a frown. " Like you haven't gone looking for another girl. Besides, we aren't together or anything, so hush. " I huffed, gently slipping out of Ethans arms. "Actually, I haven't. I know there's no other girl out there quite like you, so why bother? I was just teasing you anywa, don't have a cow." he laughed. Giving me a hug. "Phew, you had me scared there for a minute." I said, being interrupted by a knock on the door. "Huh?" Ethan murmured, groggily running over to the door, swinging it open. Lance sped downstairs, me and Aaron following them. Gavin. "Valerie, there you are." he sighed, pulling me into his arms with a sigh of relief. "Gavin, leave me be. I'm not in the mood to talk to you. Come back... Never." I huffed, pulling away with a frown. "But Valerie! Please just give me another chance." he pled, tilting my chin up and giving me a rough kiss infront of the others.
  17. *** CLIFFHANGER *** sorry!

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