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  • I have absolutely no idea about any of these! I think I write in the 3rd person (Sorry,my english stuff is VERY bad! I go to a school where we speak Irish all the time). Care to check out my HP series? Thanks x. Can't wait for your story!

  • I'm not much of a HP fan but,I think you should write the diary, but have the person like do stuff or whatever they are gonna do and then write in the diary how they felt or something, ya know?

    Hope this made sense :)

  • @XxSophiacxX the POV you're talking about is 2nd person POV which is my personal favorite for quiz series

    Anyway, out of the choices, I'd say 1st person because it's the most active, but the diary choice sounds good too as I don't think anybody has done that one...

  • Im not also that HP fan but I hope I'll be interested in ur quiz. Oh ya. I like that one that you always say " you" ya know. Like. You went to the balcony and stared AT&T the stars. Admiring them. Ya like that. I'm not that good yet.so I'm saving my story until I go to gr8. Or maybe few months. Which I'll be gr8 lol!

  • yeah, I'm extremely late.....but I think you should do the first person option just because first person is really easy to write. And please check out my series as well!

  • Heh heh. Neither

  • Thanks, 5thMarauder! I took your series this morning.

  • 1rst person


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