I Love/Hate You

Ok, this is my first time doing a story quiz so dont get hard on me.Plz comment even if you didnt like it so i can get better.This is a series so part 2 is something im looking forward to and hopefully you too.

If this works out im gonna make other series so im hoping this works out and you guys like it!!! i hope you have as much fun with it as i did making it. Here we go!

Created by: CampChris7
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  1. So a little roleplay here! Your name is Destiny McRilles and you are a senior in high school. You have a boyfriend named Andrew who is 18 and has short, black hair that looks red in the sun. Lets get started!
  2. As I was listening to my ipod Andrew comes up to me with his lunch tray and sits down."Hey, baby?" He says before he takes a bite of his burger."Yeah?" I replyed taking out my ear buds."Wanna come over tonight? My parents aren't home and I'm throwing a huge party and some people are staying the night." "Sure" I said absentmindedly."Why not?"
  3. I woke up and forget where I was."What?" I mumbled sleepily."Hush babe" Andrew whispers next to me. I remembered that I was at Andy's for the night.He put his arm around me and I turned to face him. He kisses me gently on the cheek then on the lips. I kissed back. He could tell that I was sleepy and took advantage of me.He just has my night shirt almost off when I noticed whats going on and told him "I told you, not until I'm 18."He put my shirt back on and kissed me on the nose "Well, let's wait untill tuesday then." I had almost foregotten that we shared a birthday. "Alright" I said and kissed him. "Alright"
  4. The next day at school I saw a new car in the parking lot. A really hot kid walked out and popped the trunk. He took out a guitar case and walks inside. "Who's that?" I asked Kayla, my bestie who me and Andrew give a ride to school."I don't know....but he is hot!" "Yeah" I muttered under my breath "He is"
  5. "...and turns out his name IS Rilely, told ya he looked like a Rilely now where is my 20 bucks?" I overheard two freshman talking about him. His name is Rilely, I thought to myself. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that i didn't realize that Andrew was walking next to me. "Hey" he said "Is something bugging you, cuz you seem paranoid today." "No" I lied,"just tired from last night, that's all" "Ok" he said. We went behind the gym to get privacy.We did talk between kissing but we mostly made-out the rest of free period. Then we parted for biology and physics. "Bye" "See ya" "My place, at seven ok?" "Fine" And with that I left.
  6. The next morning I woke up at Andrew's house. It's soooo cold in here I think to myself. What pajamas am I wearing? I looked down and got my answer. None. I try to get up but Andrew holds me down. "Guess what?" He asked me while pinning me with one arm across my stomach "You are officialy 18. Happy birthday!" And with that I kissed him. He kissed me.After a minute i got up and got dressed. We went to school in his car and held hands the whole way there.
  7. At school Andrew had to help out in the Audotorium at luch so I was alone with Kayla. "Ok" She said "I guve up, why are you being so happy?Do you two sleep together again?Did you guys have it?" "We might have done a little sleeping." I said, blushing. "OMG I cant beli-" Kayla started to say something but got cut short by Riley "Can I sit here?" He asked with a twinkle in his eye. "S-sure." I said stunned by his smile "Yeah". For the rest of lunch we talked and he was really funny. Maybe I do like him I thought, he is super funny,nice and hot but I have a boyfriend already! "What to do!" I thought out loud. But good thing nobody was around to hear me.
  8. Wenesday: Worst day Ever!!! I texted Kayla in study hall. My phone vibrated a couple seconds later with her reply,Y? I waited a fewseconds to think of all the reasons why. Andrew is moving!, I chose the worst one. Omg where? was the text i got back.To Pittsburg!!!!:(, a few seconds later she said, Mr.Martoh caught me (gulp) sry bi! "Damn it!" I quickly covered my mouth and hit myself for saying it out loud. Ms. Chicoh's number one rule was that no one was aloud to talk unless we were doing a group project. Great, I thought, another detention! I was then led out by Chicoh and in the detention room I saw a sight that made me wanna barf. Andrew was making out with another girl. A freshman. Melissa.
  9. I went in and sat down next to Andrew. As soon as he saw me he acted as if Melissa had taken him by surprise but I knew better. And when the torture was over and we were aloud to leave he grabed me and kissed and kissed and kissed me. I told him that it was ok, but, i wasn't ok, at all. So when I got home I went up to my room and....
  10. Don't you hate cliffhangers?

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