I'll Read Your Mind #2

Welcome to this magical quiz of mine. As you know: I have made many quizzes of magic tricks, I have thought of making a magic quiz series. This one is number 2 of my series.

Actually, this one should be my fourth magic trick quiz, but I have started the series just a week ago. Don't miss my many other magic quiz series. I hope you like this one.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Today, once again, I will try to read your mind.
  2. Please take a calculator and do as directed.
  3. Think of any whole number. (you can think of bigger numbers, like 500, also, but please think of a lower number for the simplicity of this trick.)
  4. Now, multiply the number you have thought by 2.
  5. Multiple it by 5, now.
  6. Now, divide your current number by the original number you had thought, at first.
  7. Now, subtract the current number by 7.
  8. Please, check and re-check if you have done any mistake.
  9. I hope you have followed all the directions correctly.
  10. Now, just click on the submit button.

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Quiz topic: I'll Read my Mind #2