Can you read my mind?

Some people say that they can read minds. Normally they just get lucky and guess, but really you can't read minds. But who knows? Maybe somebody actually could...

Can you read my mind? Who knows! All you have to do is take my short quiz! It will only take a minute, so if you didn't like it, you won't have to waste your time! Enjoy!

Created by: Rebekahh27
  1. First of all, what animal am I obsessed with?
  2. How many siblings do I have?
  3. What color am I thinking of?
  4. What time is it?
  5. What is my favorite sport?
  6. What Apple product am I making this quiz with?
  7. What is a hobby that I hate doing?
  8. What grade am I in?
  9. What is my favorite show?
  10. What food am I thinking of?
  11. Why did I make this quiz?
  12. What letter am I thinking of?
  13. What is my lucky number?

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Quiz topic: Can I read my mind?