I Will Read Your Mind

Mind-reading is a popular kind of magic that seems to be impossible or nearly impossible. But they are very easy if you know the secrets. And if you add mind-reading with an online quiz, it seems crazy.

I will try to read your mind with these small twelve-question quiz. I will try my best to get your mind read. Do you think your mind can be read by me? Do you think are you too much personal? Take this quiz.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Here, in this quiz, I am going to read your mind.
  2. Please be sure that you are doing everything as directed. I am trying to make is as clear as possible.
  3. First of all, think of a number.
  4. Now, double that number. (if your number is 4 then 4 + 4 this sum's result is 4's double).
  5. Add 4 to the number, i.e. the number that came after the last direction.
  6. Now, divide it by 2.
  7. After you have divided, subtract that number by the number you thought. (subract the smaller one from the bigger one; the result should not be a negative integer).
  8. If you have done everything correctly then proceed to the next questions.
  9. What type of colours is your favourite?
  10. Which part of day is your favourite?

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