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  • I Can Tell Your Eye Color
    Your Result: Brown Or Light Brown 84%

    resultYou have brown eyes just like me xD twins for life be proud to have these eyes you wont be blind by the sun or anything xD good for you good for you.

    68% Green Or Lighy Green
    68% hazel
    35% Gray
    0% Blue Or Light blue

    Wow..I have blue-grey eyes too..both my parents had brown eyes though. Some of my other family has blue eyes though.

  • You LIED! Oh, you so lied. I am NOT green eyed. My mom's eyes are green, and my dad's eyes are brown, and brown is ALWAYS dominant! Why was green and brown not in there? I mean, that's a very common color pairing! Also common: Blue and Hazel, and Green and Grayish--blue.

    Tha t is right. Grayish blue.
    It exists.

  • Its not rasicsm because im mix and I was applying is your skin smoyh or rough I learn it from my teacher ._. And brunnette and vrown is not the same thing like I said this quiz is just for fun ._. You guys dont have to be so mean about im not a scienist im only human to get a few right and brown and green well sorry ok its not a big of a deal I should suppend this quiz im getting tired of the hate its just for fun dont take it to the damn heart

  • I Can Tell Your Eye Color
    Your Result: Gray 78%

    You have the eyes I want Dx me no care if your eyes are mix with anything you just have a gray base mkay? XD

    68% Brown Or Light Brown
    61% Green Or Lighy Green
    53% hazel
    49% Blue Or Light blue

    My eyes are blue and that's the result I least got! :(


  • Your Result: Gray 92%

    resultYo u have the eyes I want Dx me no care if your eyes are mix with anything you just have a gray base mkay? XD

    Green Or Lighy Green 78%
    Brown Or Light Brown 68%
    hazel 36%
    Blue Or Light blue

    HA! You didn't even get close!! Ma eye color is daaaarrrk brown, almost black. Wish I had gray or green eyes though :(

  • You said green. Well..my eyes are actually blue. when I'm happy: blue. sad: gray. mad: reddish brown. jealous: green. annoyed: deep green. so you sorta got it..But..sorta not cx i just checked and they are green at the moment so I'll give you credit

    Jordan Narcotic
  • Stupid I can't believe that person doesn't know my eye color I even said blue+blue and blue eyes are sensitive in the sun! For god sake my eyes are BLUE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO GREEN

  • Your Result: Gray 81%

    resultYou have the eyes I want Dx me no care if your eyes are mix with anything you just have a gray base mkay? XD

    80% Green Or Lighy Green
    65% Blue Or Light blue
    62% hazel
    34% Brown Or Light Brown
    not even close....XD I have brown eyes!

  • Your Result: Green Or Lighy Green

    It can be mix with anything but your base is green eyes ok ? Dont say it mix with brown blue etc your eyes are green or light green ok xD dont be mad

    Nope. My eyes are blue, like the ocean (as a friend of mine once said).

  • I got green when I have brown eyes but sometimes they are hazel but thats okay anyway I read some of the comment and alot of people who have brown eyes got green. but good quiz :D

  • My eyes are actually blue, which is weird because that's my lowest score, but like I really care! The quiz was awesome! keep it up!

  • My eyes are actually hazel. Sometimes, they look green, and sometimes, they look baby blue.

  • hazel 82%

    You have great eyes I always wanted your eyes lucky ass -_- anyway xD you have gray iy can be mix with blue but I'm just gonna say a gray base xD

    78% Brown Or Light Brown
    74% Green Or Lighy Green
    63% Gray
    43% Blue Or Light blue

    Perfect, you got it right, my eyes are hazel - brown and green.

  • Well, you were sort of right. A lot of people think my eyes are green but they change color constantly. They are hazel.

    Isella Howler
  • Sorry

  • I actually don't know what my eye color is.

  • :) well this quiz is only for fun and amanda I have never heard that before ouo unless your the only one in your family to have that color than yes but if not your either adopted or your mom was ouo u know but dont get me wrong in not a scientist XD

  • well my eyes change color dramatically from a day to da basis today my eyes are not what this quiz says maybe tomorrow ;)

  • You got mine terribly wrong...

  • I got brown, then grey, then blue. My eyes are blue, and so are my parents and everyone in my family.

  • Wow! Did this quiz ONCE and guessed correctly! Hazel eyes!

  • I have brown eyes not light/regular green eyes!! Good effort on this quiz though!:D

  • She thought I was a green but I'm a brown and ti wasn't even close to getting a brown!!!!!

  • Achually, My eyes r not Gray, they're mixed, Blue, green and brown. some days they are more green some days they r more blue

  • 6. What Kind Of Skin Do You Have ?
    dried up
    good and smooth
    kinda rough
    What is this trying to imply? Is this racism?


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