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  • I want an exact age SERIOUSLY NOT FUNNY that was a huge waster of my time

    Mirapuppy1111 Aug 14 '18, 1:55PM
  • I'm a 12 year old emo girl and I'm offended

    cheesewhiztrash Aug 1 '18, 7:23PM
  • I knew that he would use those results. This isn't funny

    Barbara Jun 15 '18, 7:56AM
  • I am a 14 year old emo girl you were so closes you went up 4 to far

    xxvipersixx Mar 3 '18, 7:46PM
  • I am a 14 year old emo girl you were so closes you went up 4 to far

    xxvipersixx Mar 3 '18, 7:45PM
  • I already knew that it was based on the first question so I put over 60.

    Annicetta Jan 3 '18, 6:24PM
  • Pretty much all quizzes are based on the first question. It's hard to find a decent guess your age quiz.

    lakeshine Apr 15 '17, 11:31PM
  • Nah S--t

    Japanese_Potato Apr 11 '17, 4:36AM
  • It's based on the first question if you don't answer that truthfully or even at all the awanser will be wrong

    22bacov Apr 3 '17, 3:05PM
  • ):( U LIAR!!!!!! You knew my age!

    Cool quiz though =p

    Tacocat1 Jan 9 '17, 8:16PM
  • I agree Kate3715.Its based on the first question.

    Ginnyprincess Oct 11 '16, 2:39AM
  • Eat Potatoes, you are right!

    Dc maliwat Oct 9 '16, 12:21AM
  • How does all age quizzes know that I am 18 below?! That is SOO COOL! I AM 9!!!!!

    Dc maliwat Oct 9 '16, 12:19AM
  • Wow do u really think we're idiots Sherlock Holmes

    OrangeCraft921 Jul 3 '16, 3:53PM
  • The thing about quizzes like this is the first question: "How old are you?" These results are EXACT copy of the choices of the first question.

    Eat Potatoes Jun 16 '16, 12:41PM
  • omg. there is this quiz i took that gave a better summary then this. it said i was 10-14, way better

    phoenix6530 Jun 7 '16, 7:06PM
  • I didnt even answer the harry potter or sherlock homes

    Kaylaallday Jun 1 '16, 7:27PM
  • i never seen a Sherlock Homles movie.

    GraceMoney May 23 '16, 9:54PM
  • Sure then. I DID not know that. I DIDN'T Think you would get that. *Rolls eyes*

    Mad_Mad_Maddie May 5 '16, 12:14PM
  • Slow clap for creative thinking. *claaaaap* claaaaap* *claaaaap* Well Done

    bumble_gum Apr 20 '16, 7:37AM
  • worst quiz EVER. it's just so stupid. yes I'm 18 or under but HOW OLD AM I? SAY ONE NUMBER NOT 18

    RainbowPenguin7 Apr 10 '16, 4:01PM
  • That was absolutely stupid.

    Ninjacellist Apr 3 '16, 3:22PM

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