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  • How much Fanfiction should you read?
    [published: Jul 21, 2015]

    Do you like Fan fiction? Then see how much of it YOU should read! So take my quiz and See……

  • How Creative are You?
    [published: Jul 13, 2015]

    Do YOU want to see if your Creative?! Of course you do! If you don't... you missed out! So come and try……

  • Who is your Sonic boyfreind?
    [published: Jul 10, 2015, 1 comment]

    Welcome! Do you want a Sonic hotty? This is the quiz for you! Good Luck! Btw this is my first quiz……

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  • "Home! Watched it lastnight! Loved it! "
  • FNAF Roleplaying
    "Bonnie: Hello! Welcome to the FNaF crew! Just follow the plot and it should be ok! Any Characters are allowed just don't steal mine! And ..."
  • FNAF Roleplaying
    "Sign up! JK just play! FNaF I'll be Bonnie and Golden Freddy and Springtrap Just Play whenever?"
  • Drawing Requests
    "Could you please draw this. A Cat girl with pink hair that is long and braided. She is wearing pink gloves and a light purple maid outfit...."
  • "Personnaly I don't belive in this! It is SO DUMB! So STOP! Ple..."
  • "Please!!!!!!! Stop! Just Stop doing the repost comment and your crush will love you crap! I see these on tons of quizzes! Please!!!!!! Mak..."
  • "Do you agree with Obama or my brother? WHO IS AGAINST IT!? Don't know why I did it in caps! Oh well."
  • Fnaf?
    "Who is your Favorite Fnaf Character? I want to know! :)"
  • " Well excuse me PRINCESS, haha! Sorry... Zelda refrence."
  • "Erm... Sponge out of water."
  • " Sasuke! No Sakura leave!!!!"
  • "Who would be your boyfreind out of these 3? Naruto- The retarted but sweet and annoying little kid. Sasuke- The emo but not ch"
  • Happiest Sims moment.
    " My asylum challenge! (No youtube)"
  • Happiest Sims moment.
    "Do you like the sims 3 or 4? Heck even 2 or 1! Just I wanna know your happiest moment."
  • Anyone play Minecraft?
    "Best ----------------- Built a big Mansion Worst ----------------- When one of my wolves died..."

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