Naruto or Sasuke or Etouchi?

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Thread Topic: Naruto or Sasuke or Etouchi?

  • AnimeCat115 Novice
    Who would be your boyfreind out of these 3?
    Naruto- The retarted but sweet and annoying little kid.
    Sasuke- The emo but not character who has a Yandere after him.
    Etouchi- Sasuke's older brother everyone knows paints his nails purple.
  • AnimeCat115 Novice
    Sasuke! No Sakura leave!!!!
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    tenten16 Senior
    1: Naruto is not retarded.
    2: Sakura is not Yandere, she's more Yangire (she didn't kill Ino)
    3: it's spelled Itachi if you look at the original Japanese.
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    AnimeCat115 Novice
    Well excuse me PRINCESS, haha! Sorry... Zelda refrence.
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    TayuyaTerra Novice

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