I can't go home part three

Here we go with the repetitive typing, again. Rumrumrumrumrumrurmrurmrumru rumrurmrurmurmurmfurmumrumrumrumfurmurmrumrumrumrurmurmRumrumrumrumrumrumrurumrumrumrumrumurmurmurmumr!

Lalalalalalalallalalalalalala! Hello, everyone! It's about time for our DAILY QUOTE, don't you think? Okay, here it is: WUGGLE?! What's a WUGGLE?! How's that for the most annoying song in the world!

Created by: AudreeForever
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  1. Recap: you thrust your hands in front of you and yell "STOP!"
  2. Suddenly, all the yelling stops followed by a sound that sort of sounds like someone running face-first into a glass window. You hear two gasps and open your eyes. You see a whole line of native people looking like they're smashed up against an invisible wall. You can't help it and burst out laughing, dropping your hands. The second you drop your hands, the natives fall into a big moaning pile. One of the smallest natives jumps up and says "It's the Grims' and Witch come back to haunt!"
  3. You look back at the boys. Their faces look like they just saw a rhino on the back of a kangaroo, jumping through the forest. Then they look at you and Jesse says "How did you do that?!" You look at him and say "That wasn't me one of you guys did it, right?" Both of them shake their heads and look at you, still confused. "ATTACK!!" you hear one of the natives shout. You immediately start running to the trail with the waterfall, yelling for the boys to follow you. You look back to see them running, with a whole stampede of hairy natives on their tails. Suddenly Jesse is wearing traditional clothing from the fifteenth century pulling a sword from his belt and giving a scream of a battle cry that was sort of hot when he did it.
  4. While Jesse charges into battle, Blue eyes yells at you to run as far away from here as you can and don't come back. You look at him and say "Tell me your name first or I won't leave." He hesitates for a bit until Jesse yells "Tell her already or I will!" as he chops off the arm of a native battling him. Blue eyes right in your eyes and says "Theseus Imagery. Now RUN!" He turns around taking a knife out of his pocket and stabbing a native right through the chest.
  5. Satisfied, you turn around and start running to the wall where the waterfall flows. You start climbing up and you move very quickly, considering you've never done this before. You're halfway up when you hear someone whisper right in your ear. "You can do whatever you want, be whatever you want just as long as you believe it's possible." ~You recognize you're father's voice and get an image of standing backstage in a family talent show. You look about 2-years old. You nod and say "I believe, Daddy, I do." Then you walk out on the makeshift stage. In the audience is your brother, your mother, a little girl about five years old, and another boy about twelve years old.~
  6. ~ You begin reciting poetry from memory and the smiles on your families faces fill you with joy. Your reciting poems, happy as ever, until the middle of your second poem. "The bombs fell with grace, as the soldiers' hearts began to race." Suddenly you hear a deep rumble coming from the sky. You all run out to see a fighter plane flying towards you. "Everyone, follow me!" your father shouts as he grabs your brother's hand (he's your fraternal twin) and starts running. Your older brother grabs your hand. "C'mon, Sissy, time for a piggy back ride." You look up at him, nod your head. He puts you on his back and starts running. "Finish your poem, little munchkin." your father shouts over his shoulder.~
  7. "The soldiers from their hiding place began to flee, then turned around to see what they could see." All of you turned around to see your house explode. You all took an instinctual step back. "Daddy! It's just like the poem, right, Daddy?" said your little sister. "Yes it is, Kitya. You still have to finish the poem, munchkin." You look at your father, then your mother who nods encouragingly. "In the forest green the people were protected, for there was no more danger to be detected. The people then went back into hiding, for more time they were abiding." As you finish the last sentence, your dad collapses in exhaustion. "I'm getting too old for this, Gwendell." your dad mutters irritably. Your mother walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder. "We're both too old for this, don't worry."
  8. Suddenly you come back to reality. You realize you're at the top of the wall. You look over the edge but don't see Jesse, Theseus, or the natives. You back away and turn around and see nothing but forest. You walk straight ahead into the forest and notice it feels familiar. You find a trail and stop. You definitely remember this trail. Getting a sneaking sense of suspicion, you turn left and start walking. Soon enough, the trees open up to a huge plain. You run to the middle of the plain and at your feet is the remains of your once beautiful home. You dig in the ashy pile and find a teddy bear. A memory of your second birthday comes rushing back. ~ You rip off the wrapping paper and find a box. You take off the lid and see a teddy bear you pick it up, hug it to your chest, and~"Mr. Snuggles!" you say. And then you know for a fact that this is the house you once loved, the field where you played tag with your brothers and sisters, the water fall where you buried your pet goldfish, Glub-Glub.
  9. You start digging through your "house". After about an hour, all you found was a bracelet and another stuffed animal, a white tiger named Foogle. You look up at the sky and see the clouds drift by. Something starts to feel wrong about this. You have a feeling that someone is sneaking up on you. Instinctively knowing what to do you bend down like your going to start digging again. Gripping a piece of wood, you spring up, turn around swinging the board, and hearing a definite "THUNK!". Opening your eyes, you let instinct take over. You start kicking whoever it is repeatedly. A few minutes later, you here enough pain-filled groaning that you stop.
  10. You look down at the person and gasp. You bend down over them and look at their hand which you must've broken while kicking them. You help them up. "Are you okay?" you ask. "I am now. You don't know how long I've been waiting, _______." they say. "How long?" they look up at you with golden eyes. "Too long, Sissy."
  11. A million questions start rushing through your head, but all you can do is stare. "Everyone else is waiting to see you. You want to come?" your older brother, now seventeen, looks at you with love. You nod and start following him. "Wait, there are these other guys who helped me escape from the prison. They're probably worried to death, wondering where I am. I should probably go look for them." you say, turning. Your brother catches your shoulder and turns you back around. "Don't worry. They're already at camp. They stumbled upon us ten minutes ago. That's why I came looking for you." You nod and start following him into the forest. "I thought I'd never see Mom or brother again, much less you guys." You look up at your brother and his name comes back to you. "Wyatt...." "Yes?" he says looking down at you. "Nothing. Just wanted to say your name again." You look at your brother and give him a big hug. He wraps his strong arms around you and lifts you up off the ground. "I've missed you so much, Bubby!" you say. "I've missed you, too, Sissy. Oh, how I've missed you!" Wyatt sets you down and grabs your hand. "Now let us go to rejoice with our uprisers, shall we?" he asks. "Yes, oh yes. We shall!" you say and you both run towards a flickering light in the distance.
  12. Yep, that's it for this one, peoples. Sorry it took so long but I decided to put a little more backstory in here, so it took a little more planning than I thought it would. Especially, the poem that was incorporrated into the story. So, just hold on tight and wait for the next one. It might take while because the snows melted so I have to start going back to school but I will try to put the next one out A.S.A.P!

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