I can't go home (part 2)

This is the second piece of a long series. That's all you need to know up here so watch out for some repetitive typing. catcataccatcat atcta tcatcatcatcatcatcatcat atcatcatcatcat........ CAT!

So this is the part where you read our DAILY QUOTE! Here it is, y'all! When in doubt, eat their brains! That would be a great common saying for when the zombie apocalypse comes.

Created by: AudreeForever
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  1. Right before the guard could unlock your cell, a familiar voice shouted, "STOP!"
  2. You look behind the guard to see Groceran. (After four years of being held in captivity by the guy you've come to recognize him.) He's old. He has gray hair and is almost bald from years of stress. Even though he's the one who took you to this dump, he is kinda nice to you-when you don't try to strangle him. Whenever he comes by he tries to talk and make conversation but you just interrupt him and say,"Release me from Alcatraz, Fudge-head." He says no then leaves every single time.
  3. He walks up to the guard and grabs him by the collar. Groceran gets all up in his face and says,"How many times do I have to tell you to stop stealing my keys? If you put the wrong key in the lock on her cell, we'll all be trapped until Boss comes to check it out?" Groceran gets a metal ball out of his pocket and presses a button on it. A key pops out and falls to the ground. "Don't say you don't owe me, because you do. Big time!" He starts to walk off but right at the door he turns and says,"Put the keys in the recycling bin out in the back when your done." He then goes out the door and walks to who-knows-where.
  4. The guard picks up the key and unlocks the door. He opens it for you. "My name is Jesse Halloford and I'm here to help you." You slowly back away. Why?
  5. Whatever you're reason, you back away. "Please, Miss, trust me. I can help you but the only way you're going to get out of here is if you come with me now." You agree, but reluctantly. You both run into the hall. The bright light stuns you but you don't slow down. You look at Jesse and see that he's wearing dirty navy blue coveralls. His hair is flying back from the speed of your running. His hair is a deep golden brown that gives you a faint memory of ice cream sundaes with your family. Suddenly you remember. "My brother!" you shout. Jesse looks at you, pleadingly. "I'm sorry, but we can't afford to take that risk. If we get caught, we will NEVER get out of here!" Before you can respond, though, you hear footsteps approaching you. You turn around to see a young man with brilliant bright blue eyes running towards you. "Jesse is right, Your Highness. Your brother is too heavily guarded to get him now and I'm already being chased by Hellsforth." Jesse gets the point and turns to you. "You need to get on my back right now, Miss." What do you do?
  6. Either way, you end up on his back. You have your eyes shut tight because they told you to close them. You feel the wInd rushing by you but don't hear a sound. Getting uncomfortable, you start to squirm. You hear Jesse say "If I don't put her down now she's going to have a long way to fall." Blue eyes must have agreed because after a few seconds you feel the ground under your feet, again. You wobble a little standing up, but Jesse catches you. "You alright, m'lady?" You nod and say "My name is ______." After that you just start running and they both follow. You don't know where your going but neither of the guys takes lead. You come to a fork in the road and head left, sensing trouble on your right.
  7. As you run down the trail, you feel like your being watched. You look over to the right and see someone running through the tightly spaced trees. Even with the limited amount of space he doesn't make a sound. He keeps looking at you. You quicken your pace but he easily matches it. His black hair covers one of his eyes, which are a dark lavender. You must look surprised because he smiles at you then turns and runs in a different direction. You look away, still a little stunned, and just in time to jump over a fallen tree. You sigh with relief and look back when you hear Blue eyes shout "Your Highness!" You stop running and turn around, gaping. The fallen tree you just jumped over is about 11 ft tall.
  8. Jesse and Blue eyes's heads pop over the top just as your about to climb back over. "That was AWESOME! Did you see that? You weren't even looking and then right before you smashed face first, you just jumped like it was just an afterthought! Effortless." Jesse says with a stunned voice. "So the princess has a little hidden talent, hunh?" says Blue eyes as he jumps down, Jesse right after him. "Yeah, are you going to tell me your name or what?" you ask him. He looks at you and runs his hand through his short blonde hair. He hesitates for a second before saying "I'll go with 'or what' for right now."
  9. You turn away pouting a little bit. You start walking away from them, looking around. You notice that you're in a big clearing. There are three trails leading off from the the clearing, one on your right, one on your left, and one right in front of you. You hear different sounds from each. On your right: you hear a rushing sound and you get a picture of a waterfall. On your left: you hear birds of all different kinds chirping away. And in front of you: nothing.
  10. You start to hear a a faint rumble coming from the trail in front of you. You hear people shouting in an unrecognizable tongue. You try to listen harder and the people then start talking in English. "You have no right to litter on our territory, crazy teenagers!" one of them shouts as you come into view. Blue eyes and Jesse see the people. Blue eyes points at the people and shouts "Natives! RUN!!" You look at him confusedly. "They aren't dangerous. They're fine. It's just a misunderstanding, that's all." As you say this to the boys, they look shocked. As you turn back to the natives, you catch a glimpse of those intriguing lavender eyes. He makes a "stop" motion with his hands and points to you suggesting you try it. You look at the natives, thrust forward your hands, and yell "STOP!"
  11. Okay, that's it for now but trust me. I'm just as eager for part three as you are. TTFN-Ta Ta For Now!

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