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  • I said that I am blonde - natural, light or strawberry blonde, but NOT dirty blonde. Um... I am absolutely a dirty blonde! This was totally wrong.

    Khobekaia Mar 13 '18, 5:35PM
  • I also have brown hair with blonde streaks! And it also guessed blonde for me! BLONDE WAS 4% OVER BROWN!

    MissElsa Feb 9 '16, 10:23AM
  • Soz you got it wrong.......I have brown hair with blonde streaks and you guessed blonde.

    JellyBely26 Oct 5 '15, 9:29PM
  • I got blonde but I have black hair!

    Kalapie Aug 23 '15, 7:41PM
  • this Quiz is WRONG i have dark brown hair ok!!!!!

    Lola529 Jul 11 '15, 2:42PM
  • wrong, I have brown/black hair not red. this quiz also makes me revel personal stuff, so I only rated this 1 star and I reported this also

    mayamazing Jun 17 '15, 3:09PM
  • absolutely right! i have black hair!

    DreamOfNight Jun 17 '15, 1:21PM
  • Wrong my hair is dirty blonde/light brown not blonde!

    caitlin0987 May 16 '15, 1:00AM
  • wrong my hair is brown!

    otty Apr 10 '15, 10:35AM
  • How did you get both my hair AND personality correct?

    Cvm88888 Apr 7 '15, 3:11AM
  • Said any type of blonde, but dirty blonde. I have dirty blonde hair.

    bisimcatlover Apr 3 '15, 1:57AM
  • Nope! Got blonde and my hair is blue XD

    Corgiwolf Apr 2 '15, 12:04AM
  • This is to the ones whos answer is inaccurate:

    You guys seriously need to chill out and stfu; I'm sure this person doesn't know everything about hair color and neither do you. It's just a quiz and of course not all of the answers will be completely accurate. You guys must have some serious mental problems if you're going to get annoyed over a quiz.

    It said that I have red hair when really I have dirty blonde hair, but it described me perfectly.

    harrystattoosx Mar 30 '15, 2:36PM
  • it said i have red but i have blonde?!!?!? so

    GIRLGIRL123CMN Mar 25 '15, 11:42PM
  • Lol yaa u are right my hair colour is brown btw dark ;)

    Naadyah Mar 16 '15, 9:51PM
  • It said I have blonde hair the first time, I do but I have dirty blonde, and it said not dirty blonde. Then I took it again and it said I have brown! Whaaaa???

    cutest152 Feb 15 '15, 8:34PM
  • Yes black! My next choice was brown which is kind of true 'cause by hair is black and brown

    nikki4real Feb 10 '15, 10:14PM
  • Your Result: Black

    Well, my hair is not black, its not blonde, its not red, and it not really brown. I don't know what color it is. Somewhere in between. I would say golden. My hair looks differnt to me every time, but I would say golden. All 7 of us in my family (not counting our new baby), each has a differnt color of hair. My Daddy has black hair, though, and so do some other people from his side of the family. Thank you!

    Aprilmonth Feb 9 '15, 11:26AM
  • It says i have red hair but its brown. I dyed it red once but its normal now

    SJW273 Nov 20 '14, 4:13AM
  • It said my hair is red and its brown

    blackvampire Nov 16 '14, 9:59PM
  • You guessed it, black! ^.^
    Well, actually, most people consider it brown but I have black roots and it fades to dark brown and the last inch of it is reddish :p

    Bastille Nov 11 '14, 3:42PM
  • Brown :D

    Witty Nov 7 '14, 12:32PM

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