How Worcester are you?

If you think you know about everything our amazing city has to offer then this quiz is for you, young, old from Worcester or new..... Try and see if the Wu is for you!

Do you know your local history, know anything about music.... The ties Worcester has to far flung places, or what Worcester is famous for around the world??? How Wu Are You??!

Created by: Rich Morris of Facebook
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  1. What village outside of Worcester is famous for the battle of Worcester?
  2. What was the population of Worcester as of the 2011 census?
  3. Worcester is associated with which fruit?
  4. Which of these places is NOT twinned with Worcester?
  5. Worcester is famous for making which garment?
  6. What year did construction of Worcester Cathedral begin?
  7. Worcester is also referred to as....
  8. Which King of England is buried in Worcester Cathedral?
  9. Which of these is a train station in Worcester?
  10. Which of these famous people is most associated with Worcester?

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Quiz topic: How Worcester am I?