How Edmontonian Are you?

What does it take to be an edmontonian? It takes just a little time to get to know the people here. diverse in culture Edmonton has much to offer someone who just wants a friendly place to come to and relax in.

Are you an edmontonian? Do you know what Edmonton is like, it's history and charm? Are you willing to find out? Then take the quiz, it will show just how long and how well you have known the city and what it has to offer.

Created by: Shy Gem

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  1. During the CFL who do you cheer for?
  2. If someone told you they took the rat hole downtown .. what would they be refering too?
  3. When someone says they are going to the mall, which one?
  4. Which of the following Cities was known as the gateway to the North?
  5. What is Edmonton most well known for?
  6. Number 99 is most well known for?
  7. Which City is Alberta's capital?
  8. Edmonton has the better Zoo in Alberta?
  9. Capital Ex was previously known as?
  10. Which river runs through Edmonton?

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Quiz topic: How Edmontonian am I?