How well you know game Growtopia?

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Growtopia is awesome new game! If you play Growtopia, you should test yourself how much stuff you know about this game! But if you don't play this game, try to guess as much stuff as you can!

DO you know alot of stuff about Growtopia? Are you smart growtopia player? Test how good and smart growtopian you really are, now, today, you gonna find it out!

Created by: NewHD

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  1. From what site you can download Growtopia PC version?
  2. In what world is the ORIGINAL game tutorial (made by @seil)?
  3. Who are developers of Growtopia (first names only)?
  4. Choose the sentence what is NOT truth!
  5. On what site is offical Growtopia Forums?
  6. Which of these is moderator?
  7. That player is known as 'WOTD KING'
  8. That video is named ____ video. Every week one player gets it for awesome growtopia based video! That video is shown in "News" whole week, too!
  9. Which of these is very popular TRADING world?
  10. Which of these players are ultra rich in Growtopia?
  11. Why is player NewHD awesome?
  12. What does 'WOTD' mean?
  13. How many hours did you play Growtopia totally? (click with Wrench on yourself and scroll down to see)
  14. Do you have any WOTD worlds?
  15. Do you have Growtopia Forums account?

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